Winding the clock forward- From SATC to GG

Hi my dear dear FuFies,  so how was the weekend. I am sure many of you would have been glued to the TV set watching the nail biting IPL Finale. What a match!! I must confess that I haven’t watched IPL at all this season but the Finale couldn’t be missed. After all it was Shahrukh Khan vs MS Dhoni both my favorites. I was a bit sad for MSD but nevertheless happy that KKR won cos they deserved to and hopefully Mr Khan would stop behaving like an enfant terrible for a few days.

Apart from that I finished watching my favorite TV Series Gossip Girl and will miss them for a while till Season 6 starts. If you are truly smitten by Fashion like I am , I would not have to introduce you to the 2 most popular shows of their own time. Sex and the City and Gossip Girls. Both of them very high on glam and both setting many a trends in terms of Fashion.
Ofcourse, Carry Bradshaw (Sarah Jessica Parker) is the one who kind of introduced us to the uber sophisticated premium luxury fashion brands during those times and I must say that Serena Vanderwoodsen  ( Blake Lively ) & Blair Waldorf (Leighton Meester) have been successful in carrying forward her legacy.
Though both the TV series have a decade of gap, I can’t help but wonder how similar they are in setting the fashion trend. When Carrie left us , there was a void created because all of a sudden we didn’t know whom to look up to for fashion advice but then walked in Serena Vanderwoodsen & Blair Waldorf  and the world sat up to take notice.
Both the TV series are set in Manhattan so have the same kind of feel to it and both are taking us through the same roller coaster emotions of breakups and dilemmas while holding on to their style and glamor. FASHION being the main driver and some brands emerging as heros.
Carrie made Manolo Blahniks  & Jimmy Choos an essential style staple while Serena & Blair are promoting Louboutins , Brian Atwoods and Roger Vivier with an elan.  Infact Serena popularized Ankle booties & boots with short dresses so much that I had to have a few of those in my shoe collection.
While Carrie was the only person we would follow for style tips, Gossip Girl has Serena’s  best friend Blair Waldorf playing an equally important role in establishing trends. Her style is a bit conservative yet elegant maybe because she idolizes Audrey Hepburn and Grace Kelly. Serena on the other hand is more fierce and sexy.
Blair made headbands so cool that you would see a return of the this accessory in a big way on the fashion circuit since last 2 years. Otherwise we would just use them as mere tools to hold back hair while applying make up or in the gym.
Accessorise and Claire has some of the funkiest headbands I have seen.
Serena made her messy hair  (be it ponytails, braids or loose hair) such a  rage that people like me do not wash hair for days together to achieve the messy look (the dirtier the hair, the better the backcombing :) )
While Carrie and Serena  are quintessential trend setters, some of Carrie’s clothes were over the top but Serena wears today’s fashion with a little bit of twist. She has very comfortably stepped into SJPs shoes and is not afraid to mix her wardrobe for some edgy and unique style. I feel Carrie was more aspirational whereas Serena is more achievable.
Blake Lively just like Sarah Parker has taken her on screen style off the screen and is fast becoming a celebrity to watch out for in fashion circuits. No wonder she is Karl Lagerfield’s latest muse.
Blair Waldorf on the other hand is known for being snooty and wearing nothing less than the most luxurious designer stuff. Infact she scoffs at those who are seen in anything less (she  is quite cute though). Her style is more classic & elegant. She did make Viver shoe very popular true Carrie style. Remember the famed Manolos
Both the shows have successfully set trends for Fashion followers
Trends set by SATC
  1. Mixing  High street with Vintage and Luxury. It was no longer considered  uncouth to mix and match. Infact it has become a trend for the masses.
  2. High heels became the most important part of your style. Till then shoes were just a part of your wardrobe to complete the look. With Manolos and Jimmy Choos and Louboutins shoe lust was taken to a different level altogether.
  3. Cocktail dresses became quite a trend. SATC brought frocks back to fashion and designers started giving them a new twist every season.
  4. Scrunchies were thrown out of your hair accessories cos it was considered not so cool to wear them unless you are washing your face in the bathroom.
  5. Designer handbags & clutches became must haves.
  6. Carrie necklace.. How many of you bought it?
Carrie’s Style Diaries
Trends set by Gossip Girl
1.  Serena’s Bohemian style of dressing – pieces that are loose, comfortable and at the same time cool
2. Blair’s headband have been such a trend setter
3. Messy ponytails, braids, Serena’s hairstyles. She taught us tying your hair could be as chic as leaving them loose
4. Accessorising  with statement necklaces
5. Blazer with dresses were a huge trend last season
6. How to dress like a Royalty. Blair taught us how to bring back the grace of Grace Kelly and Audrey Hepburn and yet look stylish and modern
7. Last but not the least the breath taking beautiful dresses
Though I still miss SATC and Carrie’s style. I would like to say that Blake & Leighton are doing Carrie proud and taking forward her legacy in a much desired fashion.
What do you all think FuFies??


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