Will you be mine?


So February is here!! For some reason I associate this month with the season of Love. I guess its got to do something with the fact that Archies and Hallmarks of the world have successfully been able to hammer 14th Feb as the day of Romance in our heads. So thats what I feel right now – Hopelessly Romantic… Sigh!!


Though I have been married for what seems like eternity, boy do I wish sometimes to go back into the age of Singleton when you could afford to be slightly reckless and lookout for some harmless fun. Sit by the bar, indulge in some banter with that cute guy who just offered to pay for your drinks and let your heart pound faster cos you seem to be developing a crush after a few drinks and yes he is oh so charming. The sudden palpitations in your heart followed by some heart aching anxiety of will he or won’t he ask for your number. And if he does, you can feel the blood rushing to your heart as if it will explode and yet trying to maintain that peaceful zen like calm on your face. It’s all so cute. Those first few hours are so exciting. Then comes dating the guy & getting to know him better & better till you reach a stage where you wish to know “will he be mine” cos oh no you are falling in love. I won’t lie that sometimes I do crave for that feeling of falling in love. Unfortunately once you do, its all downhill from there :-)

Anywhoo since I am extremely influenced by Hollywood Chick flicks and I love the scene of the girl sitting by the bar, I thought of recreating it sans the Cute guy. With winters almost coming to an end I decided to style this Jacket by AND with my figure hugging shape forming dress which seems like a perfect choice for this girl at the bar waiting for Love to walk through the door any moment now.

A special thank you to Glocal for letting me live my fantasy.

















Dress : BEBE (very old), Jacket : AND, Heels : Christian Louboutin
Location : Glocal
Pics : Ushmi

Stay Sexy

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