Who is the fairest of them all !!


When Halle Berry, the first black actress to win an Oscar took the stage, the whole world got up and took notice. She later went on to play the Bond Girl with equal aplomb, a very highly recognised stature for beauty.

Years later Lupita Nyong’o won an Oscars for her role in 12 years a slave ,  but what caused a bigger stir on social media was her being named the first black face for Lancome , as she joined the ranks of fair skin beauties Julia Roberts and  Kate Winslet.

Naomi Campbell has been on 66 Vogue covers and countless other fashion magazine covers.

Rihanna is considered the biggest Fashion icon the world has seen.

Jennifer Lopez has been declared the sexiest women in the world countless number of times by a number of publications & media houses

Beyonce & Shakira can still send numerous hearts spiralling with that shaking booty.

Closer to home Ujjwala Raut made it so big on the International ramps that she is the only Indian model to walk the ramp for the prestigious Victoria Secret’s fashion show in New York, another hugely recognised Beauty standard by the Fashion Industry

Lakshmi Menon still casts her southern spell over the most influential designers and publications. The only Indian model to get casted in the famous Pirelli calendar. Like her, many Indian models are hot properties in International fashion scenes and send heartbeats racing of the likes of Karl Lagerfield.

Bhumika Arora, the newest kid on the block is cast very much in the dusky mould & lets not forget our latest pride the dusky desi girl Priyanka Chopra who is now a well known International face.

Ok , there are so many articles on how much Jennifer Aniston must be spending on getting that Bronze or Golden tan and the whole Bronzing fad has been started by the Kardashian sisters to get that darker glow. Beauty Industry internationally is minting money on people wanting to get browner by coming out with products and services to help them achieve it.

You must be wondering why am I talking about all these things.  The current backlash about celebrities endorsing products with unrealistic and dodgy claims got me thinking hard. While the dusky / dark / black / bronzed skin is taking over the world  & being celebrated at Oscars, Red carpets , Runways, Hollywood, we here are still bickering about how we should get fairer to be considered beautiful!! I mean wake up people and think about it. Are we blind to all these happenings.

My gripe is not so much with these brands using get fairer skin ploy for Indian market  as much as it amuses me that, how are people in my country so naive that they can be made to believe that a certain fairness cream can make you fairer even if it is endorsed by the most famous celebrity or God himself. I mean expecting a darker complexion to become fairer is expecting a tall person to get a few inches shorter!! How stupid and crazy is that. More than the Beauty Industry taking us for a ride I am appalled at the lack of wisdom used by the people who get influenced by such bulls*#*t. And then targeting celebs for spreading such racist ideas is the easiest thing to do. 

I honestly don’t have a problem with Celebs endorsing products. I understand they are here to make money but I just feel that since they are such key influencers , it should be done more responsibly by both the brand and the celeb.  I do have a problem with the message that the Industry is sending to the society that Dark is ugly and Fair is beautiful. How badly must it be playing on the mindset of people. I  have a problem if some of us are believing such claims blindly. I also have a problem with certain bunch of morons who are then making a big issue about celebs endorsing it cos we are so foolish as to not  understand that such things don’t happen unless you go under the knife.

C’mon people its 2017, the whole world is connected with just one button. People are connected. we can see everything around us. No longer are we living in a cocoon where the supposedly more learned could feed us any crap and we would listen starry eyed and bushy tailed. We can see things around us & I see some of the best models with that beautiful bronzed skin taking over the world and here we are still fighting the battle of who is going to be the fairest of them all!!

Do you guys have an opinion on this ?

Coming to my outfit, belts are big this season especially corset belts. Embrace them and make them work in your outfit. And if you are wondering why am I looking darker in these pics cos I have used products to make my skin look 2 – 3 shades darker than my usual skin tone in support of Dusky is very sexy message i want to send out.











Knit : Zara, Dress : Zara, Belt : Charles & Keith
Pics : Dimple Rana

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