What’s trending ? Basis my favourite Instagrammers Part 1



So NYFW and Paris Fashion Week just got done with and every year I watch my Favourite Instagrammers with so much awe and enthusiasm and look for inspirations and latest trends. In a sea of people that flock my Instagram feed some looks stay with me, rather haunt me for e.g.. Kim Kardashian in NYFW’17 was epic according to me with platinum blond hair and one sexy black outfit after another. I just went into tizzy . She was phenomenal.
Similarly every Fashion week I look for my favourite people to show me the world of fashion that I can only live through their instagrams or videos. This time I thought why not take you all through what my eyes saw as trending a lot and I made a sad little attempt to find similar things around me to recreate some of these trends. Hope you find it interesting.
I am gonna do this series  in parts cos it will be difficult to put all the looks together.

1. Polka Dots will never ever go out of trend and this year its even bigger – color, shapes, size et al



Credits – Aimee Song and Camila Coelho

Aimee polka

Camila polka collage

2. Hair Accessories  making it big



Credits – Chriselle lim and Aimee Song (Paris Fashion week 18) & Karen Wazen

Chriselle lim clips

Aimee hair accessories


3. Single earring trend has been going on for past one year and is still going strong



Credits – Olivia Culpo , Camila Coelho & Aimee song

Earrings collage

Hope u liked this post. I thought it would be interesting :-) Wait for the next one….


Stay Stylish
Shonima Kaul

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