Watch out Reds – Nudes are kicking Ass!!

70th Annual Golden Globe Awards - Arrivals
Did you all check out my 13 Golden Globe picks in the previous Article. Weren’t they looking gorgeous. I couldn’t get my eyes off those lovely gowns. What I didn’t fail to notice though was the make up worn by most of them. Radiant dewy skin with just a hint of eyeliner & loads of mascara and almost everyone had Nude lips.

I for one loved their looks cos believe it or not I am a huge fan of the “no – makeup” Makeup look. It makes one look younger and a lot fresher only if one has mastered the technique. Well, I hope you know that No Makeup look is actually a technique in Makeup.  Great.. just so that we are clear. Anyway,  that brings me to the topic of the day – my absolute favorite Nude Lips.
Similar trend in Lip color was seen on Indian Red carpet with our Indian beauties sporting next to nothing on their lips. Makes me wonder- Are NUDE lips kicking BOLD’s ass this season (Red lips watch out!!) …. Hmmm too early to say.

Oh No No No don’t get me wrong I am all in for the brighter bolder lips, I mean they are grrreat  for those special occasions & I am not giving up on Red Lips anytime soon. It’s just that for normal day to day wear I choose to be nude ;-)

Did you know that Nude lipsticks also help your lips look fuller and bigger. Cmon now tell me how many of you have not secretly wished for those Angelina Jolie Lips. Right! No wonder Lip plumping surgeries have just catapulted to another level in past few years and the Make Up Industry has made tons of money & sucker out of us with those Lip plumper sales but hey whatever works.
Being an average lipped person (if that is even a term !)  I have obsessed over nude lipsticks and fuller lips for a very very long time so I will share my 2 bit knowledge with you all

For healthy fuller lips

1. Prep them

First and foremost exfoliate your lips once a week. This will help to smoothen them and remove all the dead cells so they are absolutely prepped. (For how to exfoliate you may refer my glam tips on beautiful lips). Moisturise them & they are ready for application. Our lips have a natural color or sometimes they might be pigmented. One can apply very little concealer to completely get rid of the natural lip color before applying any lipstick but that’s optional.

2. Wear Nude or Light color shades

Darker colors make your lips look thinner just like a black dress that makes us appear thinner. Yes same funda. No doubt we all love our Reds and Oranges and we should but if you want the lips to look a little broader then nude shades work like charm.
A word of caution though, Nude shades also have the capability of making you look washed out and flat so choose your shades very wisely. Each of us are blessed with different skin tones and different undertones, natural lip colors so the shades that suit me may or may not work for you but I have seen that mostly a nude shade with a hint of pink works very well  for most people.
Having said that I always insist on experiencing on your own. Don’t be scared to apply it on your lips and then look for reactions, you will get the answers.
What is the worst that could happen you will end up buying a shade you don’t like. I have a lot of those but I have a solution too :-) Don’t throw those light shades just mix them with some other nude color or use it to tone down a brighter shade. You will be surprised with the results. You can even use a different color lip liner to fill the lips and then apply this lipstick on top of it. It really works!!

3. Use a white pencil

This is my favorite tip that I have learnt over the years. Use any white pencil eyeliner and apply a very thin line just above your cupid’s bow and below the lower lip near the center. Stay very close to your lip line. After that lightly blend the white line so that no obvious line is visible. This will give the effect of plumper fuller lips. Cool Right!!


4. Use a Lip plumper or a Lip Gloss

It works girls. It is one of the best products that is available in the market. You know your product is good when you get that slight tingling feeling on your lips. Since Lip glosses reflect light, they give an illusion of fuller beautiful lips and if they have plumping effect then even better

My favorite Lip Plumpers

1. DIOR Lip Maximiser
This is my most favorite product in the world. It works like magic.

2. Smashbox O Plump

3. MAC Plushglass glosses.

Some of my favorite Nude or Neutral lipsticks

1. MAC Viva Glam II

2. MAC Angel

3. MAC Cherish

4 MAC Faux

5. MAC Blankety

6. NARS Belle De Jour

& my favorite Nude Lip Pencil will be MAC Subculture.

Whether Reds & Burgundies stay favorites this year too is yet to be seen but I think a Nude Natural lip color always and just always will exist because it just happens to be a safe choice for us.
What say girls?


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