Voila Vintage!!

The fashion industry keeps adapting and rejuvenating the styles from earlier era. Take a walk back into the 50s and 60s and you will see how fashion has evolved over the years but the roots are the same. I keep looking at my mom’s photo albums and am surprised to see her wearing most of the things that we wear today. Infact I always try and take a leaf or 2 out of her album and incorporate it in my style.
But one piece that spells classic like nothing else is the Shift  / Sheath dress. It says Audrey Hepburn, Grace Kelly, Jackie O like no one else. Style it with bumble bee frames, ballet flats, a big handbag & pearls if you wish to.. Voila Vintage !!

Both shift and sheath dresses have found their way into our closet and are reminiscent of vintage era. These are pure classic must haves in every woman’s wardrobe.
Personally I like a shift dress more than a sheath for reasons very obvious to all of us
What is a shift dress?
A shift dress is usually a short dress. It hangs from your shoulders. It might boast an A-line cut, or even an empire waist to add zest to your look. They are meant to be slightly loose and not form fitting so its  a blessing for all those women who are not very comfortable in showing of their curves. Depending on how comfortable you are, you can always alter the hemline but it is meant to be short.

When I said I prefer this style more I meant because of loose styling, did you think hemlines hahaha. Well that too!

Obviously the style has evolved over the years and it has been refreshed time and again. Celebs embraced this classic style in their day to day look and it was soon seen all over on the high street.

I can simply not write about these dresses without a  mention about my very favorite and no.1 style Icon – Victoria Beckham. I just love love love her style. If I had all the money in the world I would just buy what she wears and what she designs. I am such a huge fan of her style. I am not even a patch on her styling abilities but I will say that she is my inspiration. She herself has based her styling on vintage fashion and draws inspiration from likes of Grace Kelly , Audrey Hepburn and Jackie O.
No wonder no one else can wear the shift dresses like she does. She is the ultimate Icon for this style.

How comfortable and chic do they look for going out in the afternoons. They are so effortless and on trend that you can hardly go wrong with it. Check out Victoria’s dresses and style

I am not a very huge fan of jewelry so I like to keep it very simple just like her. All you need is an excellent piece of heels and bags/ clutch. A pair of sunglasses in the afternoon will just adds a touch of glamour and mystique

Infact her personal style is exactly what has transpired in her collection. The Spring Summer collection was a reflection of her very own style

Another celeb I really like in this style is Eva Longoria. Even she carries off this style with elan and looks super chic

Some more seen wearing shifts

I feel its such a huge hit because of its convenience. High on convenience and excellent on styling, what more do you need!! Almost all the brands on high street keep shift dresses. They have been in style for years and are a must have piece in your closet.
I am sure most of you have it but more the merrier cos these are for those days when you just don’t want to put too much of energy into styling yourself

I found some from high street brands

MANGO Dresses
GAP / Vero Moda

The other version of dresses that are an inspiration from Vintage styling are Sheath dresses
Remember Audrey Hepburn and this dress??

What is a Sheath dress
Sheath dresses are form fitting dresses and are usually longer in length. The designers these days like to play with the length of the dress. Its either till the knee or sometimes below the knee. Its a classic piece made famous by style icons in vintage era. It is meant to show off your curves so may not be everyone’s cup of tea. 
A Sheath dress is like a bodycon dress but differs in material because of which bodycon clings to your body whereas sheath doesn’t. Sheath spells class and elegance whereas Bodycon is more sexy sometimes bordering towards slutty if you do not get the right one.

If you have the curves for it then all you need is a sheath dress to look chic and classy. Its more of a formal wear and makes you look more dignified.

Its fast gaining popularity and many of our celebs back home are also seen wearing them especially the Victoria Beckham collection

I love this style but am not sure how will it look on me. Guess its time to give it a shot.
So what do you like SHIFT OR SHEATH??


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