My Trainer : Let’s do some kick ass workout today say Crossfit
Me : Errr No!!
Trainer : Why????
Me : Well, you know I blow dried my hair just yesterday and I don’t want to do anything that will make me sweat & I also have a shoot so I will have to wash my hair again :-(
Trainer : In that case why don’t you just go home & take a beauty sleep.


You see that’s my story like every other day. I am paranoid about greasy hair. I hate it being all sticky and smelly and its the same thing every single day since I just cannot skip going to the gym. I am also paranoid about washing them every day for the fear of not being left with any on my scalp (damn you hair fall!!). That is one of the reasons you will see me with tied hair most of the times cos I want to avoid washing them & it’s also my fashionable excuse for being super lazy (I have actually googled tied up hairdos more than anything else. It’s a different thing not all suit me.)
Coming back to my story I did end up doing crossfit and also sulking after the session cos my hair which I had tried so hard to protect was a complete mess. I had to find a solution to my problem and in one of my researches came across Dry Shampoos which I have been reading for 1000 years now. It was time to try it out. It wasn’t so readily available earlier so I had to wait till I found something but it was utterly disappointing so I gave up hope.
One fine day My hairstylist (God bless her) introduced me to a Kerastase hair expert who had flown down from Paris for some training. He listened to my hair woes and handed me a magic product. Reluctantly I bought it cos there was no way I could wriggle out of it (As it turned out he was also a good sales person apart from being a hair doctor) Because of my previous experience with the dry shampoo I was in no mood to experiment again so I tossed it in one corner of my beauty closet completely forgetting all about it. One of the days after coming back from my gym I accidentally stumbled upon it and thought of giving it a try. I gobbed it on the roots and waited for sometime. I was not very hopeful but after a few minutes things started falling in place and my hair looked super amazing. It had more body yet felt light & the smell, it was amazing. My hair felt quite fresh & didn’t need a wash.
Eureka!! I may have found a solution to saving those blow dries.
Here is a catch though I tried it 2 days after the wash. Turns out it doesn’t work so great & you have to use a lot of product so it works out expensive (cos the product is a little pricey)
Tip : I also find it working extremely well just after the hair wash. Spray a little and it gives a good volume.

I thought I would share my latest Beauty discovery with you. What about you girls.. Does anyone use a Dry shampoo??
Which one do you think is the best??

PS : I have heard a whole lot of good things about “KLORANE” and its on my list for things to buy asap. Will let you know soon

Meanwhile Sweaty hair… don’t care!!!

Lots of love

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