Untraditional Weddings with TBZ !!


So I was invited to be a part of this fabulous campaign by TBZ (one of the most well known & respected names in Indian Jewelery) along with some other lovely bloggers to express my views on Indian wedding & what was that one Untraditional twist I would have loved to give to my wedding – basically Untraditionalize it.


A lot of things went through my mind. Some were downright crazy too but then they asked us to let our imaginations run wild cos after all we are talking to a new age bride who is free spirited, modern , likes to take charge, is independent yet a romantic at heart.

I think we girls plan our wedding from the time we are born. Every girl dreams of a fairy tale wedding, wants to be serenaded by her Prince Charming and ultimately see him down on one knee with that Glittering almost blinding piece of jewelry in his hand begging her to marry him. Well, in my case I would love to seal the deal with a bejeweled Manolo just like Carrie Bradshaw. Nevertheless a Ring to me signifies – for eternity. It’s all so romantic and all the Karan Johars and Aditya Chopras of the world have taken our fantasies to a different level . Don’t you think so? On the other hand I also feel that today’s generation does not feel that its important to marry someone to prove your love which I think is fair enough. To each his own.

I personally love a Big fat Indian wedding. To me it rates the heaviest in happiness quotient. It’s all about joy & bonhomie. It’s about celebration, merriment, song, dance & fun all the way. I also love the cute traditions that come with it like hiding of the groom’s shoes which can get a little naughty & I love the new TBZ Ad which shows the bride enjoying being a part of the prank. I think its extremely important for both Bride & the Groom to enjoy the festivities and not get bogged down by the pressures of everything being Picture PERFECT.

As for the untraditional twist I would like. Well, you will just have to watch this video ☺

So girls tell me what will be your idea of an Untraditional Wedding twist. What is that one thing you would like to do differently?

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Hope u enjoyed this fun video
Is it ironical that I am off to attend a big fat Indian wedding now. Looking forward

Lots of Love

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