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FUF Liva 6

#Unbox yourself.. what does it mean to you?? It’s a campaign by LIVA asking people to feel liberated. When I was asked to write about it various thoughts ran through my mind. some were erased and some went on to take a certain shape so that i could correctly portray my feelings.

We all tend to confine ourselves in a shell and get comfortable within it for reasons such as complacency/ fear of the unknown or self imposed limitations (Pay due attention to Self Imposed). And we live inside these limitations without paying any heed to the fact that we can actually expand them if we wish to.

What if I told you – Today is your last day on this earth. How would you want to live. What force would you want to exert on this world? What unique creativity would you want to offer? How would you want to express yourself? What limitations would you want to break?
Would you write a poem or is their a melody or song in your mind asking in vain to be written on a piece of paper. Would you run to someone and pour your heart out with every bit of feeling that you had so closely guarded from even your ownself. Will you smile at a stranger? What would you like to offer beyond a fake Facebook update or an Instagram picture.

You are here for a purpose. When was the last time you explored the meaning of your life? When was the last time you acted on a dream that has been inside your head for the longest time? If today is not the day, when is that day? When will it announce itself?

Can you afford to wait until all the ingredients present themselves, neatly aligned on your coffee table – a day with no errands, good health, a rested body, nice weather, clarity of purpose, inner passion, all the money and tools that you need, the support of your family, friends, Godfather or the Dalai Lama? Can you afford to wait for that day?

Look around you. Everything is moving. Everything serves a purpose. You received the most extraordinary gift this morning when you woke up! Why would you leave that gift in the box?
Unbox yourself and be a force in this world.

Ofcourse its in tune with this new age super fluid fabric that is so light weight and flowy that one does kind of feel liberated. LIVA is a new age fabric brand which is soft, comfortable and Ecofriendly. It induces fluidity in the garment & is so light weight that makes it perfect for Mumbai weather. The idea is to not get bound by clothes that make you feel boxed, rather wear LIVA and be a fluid Fashionista

FUF Liva 6

That we got to choose and style our own LIVA garments made the entire event so much more exciting and something we all were looking forward to. Seeing everyone dressed in their own version of LIVA was a pure delight cos all of us were exchanging notes on where all could we pick up these lightweight garments from. As for me I chose this flowy tunic top from Global Desi and styled it in my own way. I loved the vibrant print and the flowy silhouette that kind of made it apt to wear it with my usual black outfit. What’s more, It made me win a prize with my style twin Amena from Fashionopolis. Needless to say I was mighty happy. Leaving you with some pictures from the event.

FUF Liva 1

FUF Liva 2

FUF Liva 4

FUF Liva 5

FUF Liva 3

Bloggers at Liva Event

Tunic Top : Global Desi, Shoes : Zara Pics : Sushant Sawant

So Unbox yourselves & Live it up

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