Turn up the heat this Summer !!

Taking your Style 2 Notches Up with Summer’s Must have Accessory

Hola Chicas.. Hope you all had a wonderful & a fun filled weekend. I went to see my favorite Meryl Streep in Iron Lady and was blown. Whoaaa what a performance , I totally totally recommend.
So did u get time to try out the neutral look. If you haven’t seen it yet do refer to my article “Neutral IS the new Casual”

OK ,the weather is back to it scorching best and we haven’t  ended with the so called Winter season yet so I am expecting a killer of a Summer.
In cities like Mumbai  calling the season “Winter” is anyway making a mockery of the freezing weather that people up North or in the Western countries get to enjoy. The downside to that is that we hardly or rather never get to enjoy the Winter Fashion (Though I do fly out once a while to some cold city to get my dose for the year. So, I am not complaining!!) Back to the summers, its time to take out  your Summer Accessories.
One of my most favorite & must have Accessory for the summer is Sunglasses. Of course our glam brigade have made  them such an indispensable accessory by wearing it all the time. Be it Day or Night, Indoors or Outdoors that we have kind of forgotten that it is actually used to protect our eyes from the harsh UV Rays of the unrelenting summer Sun.

But it is one thing that spells Instant Glam!!  
It just lifts your style quotient 2 notches up. You just have to be very sure of which one suits your face the most.

It also in a way is a crucial accessory for me on days I have not had a good sleep and gotten up with swollen eyes. Nothing  ruins your look more than a puffy eye no matter how beautiful your outfit is.

 My Tip : “This is one thing I would insist  you should not cringe to spend on as it is a very important tool to prevent your eyes from the harsh Sun apart from being a glamour booster. Also would not ask you to follow any trend because it needs to work for you. So I would say that Invest on at least one good pair and if the latest trend is working for ya then why not.”

Oh no dolls, you can’t just live with one so I say Splurge on a really good one and then you can go Save on some others but ALWAYS ALWAYS buy good quality Sunglasses from the people who are known to be the best in the business.

I have tons of them cos I am a junkie. I have a bad habit of going berserk. I mostly like the big ones mainly becuse the small ones don’t suit my face.. I also adore the Aviators. I have a whole lot of them.

Blacks are my favorite and will continue to remain but this summer I am thinking of going with some funky colors so I already picked a RED D&G. Shades are meant to be worn with a lot of attitude. Some of the Celebs who wear these beauties with  elan are :

The very stylish Victoria Beckham.
Sunglasses are synonymous to Posh Beckham and she is my absolute favorite. She totally totally rocks them. She designed her own range of DVB shades which basically were a reflection of her own style. She later relaunched her line as Victoria Beckham collection in 2010.
Victoria Beckham

How cool is her style?

Another Celeb who looks chic in shades is Kim Kardashian and this girl can rock any pair.
Kim Kardashian

From Balenciaga to TomFord to Dita to Gucci to Dior she seems to have them all.

Paris Hilton is one girl actually first among the few who made white sunglasses quite a rage. And Mind you everyone cannot carry them off the way Paris does. I remember searching a pair for myself but they looked very bad so I gave up the idea but I am still hunting for one perfect pair that will make me look like Paris.

Who doesn’t know about Lady Gaga’s love for her sunglasses!! Infact didn’t she gift a pair of hers to Shahrukh’s daughter?? Rumored to start her own line with Linda Farrow, She does love wearing some weird ones but she makes us go GAGA over her.

Back home I feel PC & Malaika Rock it the most especially the Aviators.

My Tip “ No one can tell you what kind of shades will look the best on you but you yourself. So take out time and don’t be afraid to try on as many as you can to get the perfect pair. Try them with loose hair and tied hair. Even better take a friend with you who is not afraid to tell you the truth.”

I have committed a lot of faux pas while buying shades till i figured what suits me the most. That doesn’t stop me from buying different kinds. Well, I am a nut case :-)

Many of the sunglasses have been in trend and are just a variation of the ones before. Many have come back from an earlier era. Any big ones that cover your eyes well are a safe bet incase they suit you. Nonetheless will tell u about  the wearable trends and then the must haves and ones on my wishlist.

Trending in 2011 and might continue in 2012 are :

Gradient lens Sunglasses : It’s a trend that resurfaces every few Years with a twist.. Would have seen it in the past and with the right frame is a very wearable one. It’s the almost hidden eye that makes it very attractive. Wear it with the right color and attitude like JLO

You can buy these in Big frames, small frames, colored frames, Avaiators or Wayfareres  anything

Some of my picks in the Splurge category would be
in the range of INR 20,000/- to 30,000/-

VB Gradient lenses in Rose (L) / Tom Ford Emmeline Violet

courtesy Victoria Beckham Sunglasses , TomFord sunglasses

Save category ( INR 10,000/- or less)
RayBan Jackie Ohh 4098

courtesy Rayban

Banana Republic Morgan sunglasses

courtesy Banana Republic

Round Sunglasses this season are modern re -interpretation of original classics worn by Beatles in 60s. Infact they are so John Lennon. Lady Gaga is seen wearing Balenciaga Round glasses most of the times

My Pick in Splurge (INR 15,000/- to 30,000/-)

Chanel 4182 (L) / Louis Vuitton Desmayo Roundflower (R)

courtesy Louis Vuitton, Chanel 

Save ( less than INR 10,000/-)
Top shop / Ray Band Round gun Metal

courtesy RayBan, TopShop
50’s are back with Cat Eye glasses. These I must say are for the very daring kinds and the ones who are not afraid to experiment. They are available in sharper edges and Rounded out edges. Depending on your face shape pick up the right ones for yourselves

Scarlett & Kim wearing TomFord Nikita
Splurge Category

Top & Bottom Left D&G Cool Cat ,  Top Right Tom Ford Nico , Bottom Right Linda farrow

Tom Ford , D&G

And if you really scared to invest in this look Don’t you worry girls get these babies from Forever 21 for as low as 6$ (INR   300/- appr) and try them on this season to get over your fear and then buy one of the good ones. I know I am definitely trying the F21s
Save category

Forever 21 sunglasses

Colored Frames , apt for Summer. Very cool, Go for them.

I like the ALife Worn by Jessica Alba. Though it must be as old as 2008 but the colored frames are here to stay

Get them in Red or Blue , they look funky

Asos(L) / RayBan Red (R)
Aren’t they funky??

If you are a sunglass freak like me some of the absolute must have brands in your collection should be from any of these brands ( any style that suits u) Mind you they are steep and leave a hole in your pocket. The ones mentioned below are on my wishlist.
VB is a style icon and has transpired her sense of fashion in her collection. Her VB collection has been a huge success and is fast becoming a favorite with celebs.
I am particularly digging these Aviators from VB’s 2010 collection. They are so cool and yeah they are Aviators!!
Victoria Beckham Grilled Aviators

Tom Ford Sunglasses

If you are a lover of shades then Tom Ford is a must must have. They are on many’s  aspirational list and on mine too

Tom Ford Calgary

Bvlgari Sunglasses

Bvlgari depicts absolute class and sophistication
With Bvlgari dazzling jewels as a decorative component, it makes these sunglasses an essential element in your collection

In India we have very limited collection of shades but thanks to Sunglass Hut we get some decent ones here.

Keep looking for Sales that they come up with once in a while. You can get some good ones upto 15% off. Otherwise RayBans are the most trusted eyewear and they have come out with some really classy collection.

I recently picked up these Red D&Gs which I wear very often
“Vogue ” which is from RayBan stable is a brand worth mentioning. Very economical and some great styles. I recently picked up one and believe you me its suiting me the best in terms of style & color and only for INR  6000/- (120$) Howzzat!!

Few more from my personal collection if u are interested :-)

Personal Collection

Recently saw Charles & Kieth have come out with interesting line of Aviators so girls go Check them out and share with us your absolute favories and must haves & what did u pick up??
I know this article is lengthy but I wanted to give u all a detailed view on these absolute must have accessory. Hope it was helpful
Go Glam!!

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