Tricky decisions

Hi girls.. Wassup. Today’s post is a little intimate but you all are my friends so why not :-)

Yeah summers is the time when lot of skin showing happens and our favorite brands ensure that we get to wear the latest and happening stuff. We all love the gorgeous dresses with different cuts and styles but not wearing the right inner wear could be a real downer. What spoils the party more than anything is your inner clothes playing a peek – a – boo and leaving you embarrassed. Choosing the right lingerie becomes very important.
The cuts can be tricky making your decisions difficult but let me try and solve it by showing you how to resolve these tricky decisions.

I will cover 5 different types of dresses that we often wear and leave us wondering what to wear inside them.
1. Strapless or one shoulder dresses

Summer days (and nights) wouldn’t be complete without these gorgeous cuts. Everywhere you go, you will find a whole lot of strapless dresses. One shoulder dresses were a rage last season so I am sure you all must be having them in your wardrobe. Most strapless, tube-like bras will have you bent out of shape especially if you are heavier on the chest. Instead try a well fitted strapless bra and preferably go with underwire to make sure your figure is flattered. 

2. Deep V neck Dresses

The deep V-neck is a sexy summer staple, but your basic bra is going to cramp your style by peeking out where you don’t want it to. Try a bra that plunges along with your dress, and stay comfortably supported. Here are 2 different styles you can look for.

3.  Halter Necks

Hot halters are perfect for summer date nights, but make sure you don’t show so much as a strap. A bra with a strap that hides discretely behind your neck (and under fabric), is the way to go.

4. Backless or Sexy Cut outs

Cutouts are a fun, sexy way to show a little skin, and we are seeing some unexpected shapes and cuts for summer. To bare your back, you’ll need an extra-special support system in front, one that’s certain not to budge. Try out these 2 options. The adhesive bras work very well for these kinds as they are backless but if you aren’t comfortable then you can try the other one which can be strapped way down.

5. Body Con dresses

Think Herve Leger for Bodycon but now several brands make those kind of dresses. Bebe is the high street brand famous for Herve leger dupes and they make some really sexy ones. Bodycons are so unforgiving cos they will highlight every curve in your body. What is very important is no to forget your shapewear when stepping out in a frock that hugs every curve. Shapewear from the tummy down will ensure you’ll have a smooth ride through the evening. Also girls SPANX are your best friends. I think every girl should have one in their closet. Do you have them?? If not please buy 1 right away.

Now Lingeries are a little bit expensive so it could be sometimes difficult to buy one for every dress. What I would recommend every girl to have is this Multi way bra. These can be worn in 3-4 different ways and solve your problems for every dress.

Ofcourse Victoria Secrets are the best in the business but Marks & Spencers also keeps these bras and they are really good. Infact, they keep some really good bras for these tricky dresses. Try them out. 

Multi way bra
Every girl’s best friend : A multiway bra and Spanx
So look sexy and feel sexierrrr

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2 thoughts on “Tricky decisions”

  1. Searched a long time for a good strapless bra. I read the reviews and thought this bra sounded pretty good. I bought it, tried it and yes it was the best strapless I’ve ever worn. Perfect for my DDs. Will be buying more.

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