Trial & Error!!



My morning ritual usually begins by making myself a nice cup of tea and then scanning through my Instagram which is like going through a Newspaper for me. There are a variety of people I follow – Travellers, Photographers, fashionistas, fitness enthusiasts, designers, Artists (all sorts) and usually end up getting overwhelmed with so much talent that I see around the world. It’s almost difficult not to get awestruck by all these amazing people around us.

Oh that dress is styled so well why couldn’t I think of it or the way that look has been shot – how does she do it. I wish I could take pictures like these or the immensely talented Fashion blogger who has now come out with her own Music Album and not to forget all these Fitness people busting out some amazing moves in the gym. Makes me feel like the tiniest dot in the universe. Well, sometimes I get inspired and sometimes I get lost in this deluge of talent. I also wonder many a times what is it that makes us follow someone – make him / her our icon / inspiration??

In today’s Digital world where everyone is following someone, what is it that will make a nobody into somebody. Sure there is so much talent but not everybody ends up being successful or even noticed. So what does it take?? It’s a question that keeps haunting me forever. In the end I think there is no formula. It is a whole lot of Trial & Error. Sometimes it may work and sometimes it might all come crashing down. However there is one thing I firmly believe – Don’t worry about making tons of money or being super successful. Don’t make compromises. Just keep doing good work and do it with your heart. Enjoy the process & Like someone said If you build it, they will come!

I believe in the same process when it comes to Styling yourself. A lot of people don’t believe in experimenting with their style. A friend recently told me you know even i want to try the off shoulder trend but i am scared and I was like Hell yeah girl – go on try it and figure out for yourself. Who knows you will look smoking & people will love it on u :-))) That’s the thing about Trial & Error. You never know what will work!



dungaree Collage2

dungaree Collage3





dungaree Collage 4



dungaree Collage1





Dungarees : ONLY, Top : Zara, Shoes : Steve Madden, Clutch : Kate spade, Choker : F21
Pics : Ushmi Kanakia

A special Mention about this place we shot in – is a small little hangout spot in Versova called Treesome Cafe which is super awesome on weekends. Great food, casual ambience & the hostess is super sweet. You must try.

Stay Stylish

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One thought on “Trial & Error!!”

  1. Totally agree with you..trial and error works most of the times! Though,coming out of your comfort zone to experiment sure takes some serious effort for me :p

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