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In an era where Style Icons change faster than the fashion itself or are dependent on how good their stylists can make them look. There are 3 names that reverberate as a unanimous choice even for today’s designers / fashionistas. I have read quite a few interviews of various stylish women that inspire my fashion sensibilities and have found their common fondness to these names. I also did a quick dip test with some of my friends / acquaintances  and at least one or 2 of these names if not all the 3 were common in their list.
As cliched as it might sound and could also presumably be the safest answer to “Who inspires your style” - Audrey Hepburn, Grace Kelly and Jackie O continue to inspire & remain incontrovertibly the fashion icons for today’s extremely fashion conscious generation. Many a designers from today’s day n age continue to derive their fashion inspiration from the most fashionable trio of 50s / 60s. I just thought of spending some time to understand their style and what is it about them that makes them universally admired. If you wish to channel your inner Audrey or Grace or Jackie just follow these simple TO – DOs

Apart from being glamorous which is the most important requisite to becoming a fashion style icon, they had quite a few things in common when it came to style .

1.  Making Fashion more approachable and timeless.

The styling was simple & doable, be it a little black dress or a simple white shirt, capri pants or strand of pearls that went on to become Timeless must haves in every woman’s closet. So yeah I hope you have these items in your closet


2. Simple fuss free silhouettes -

No drama, no embelishments, they believed in simplicity. Just straight clean cuts & exquisite fabrics. You will see some of today’s designers following suit case in point Raf Simmons or la Victoria Beckham.


3. Tailored pieces fitted to perfection :
This even I have learnt over time. A perfectly tailored piece that is cinched perfectly at the waist or gives a perfect shape to your body goes a long way. So even if you buy a ready made item, there is no harm in getting a little alteration done to make it compliment your body shape. Start looking for a tailor closer to your home.

4. Timeless fashion accessories to amp up the look.
Silk scarves, Hats, Pearls, Sunglasses & gloves too
Learn to play with silk scarves. If the scarf is an Hermes even better :-)

Ray Bans are a must have – either aviators or wayfareres ;-)


Pearls and NOT Diamonds are a girl’s best friend

5. Less is more – Always!! 
They taught us that if we stick to the basics we will be pleased with the results.

6. Be Sensuous without being overtly sexy

7. Created their own signature style :

The most important thing about them was that they never followed any trend. They created it. Their looks went on to become iconic and are copied shamelessly even by today’s generation to emulate classic.
Audrey’s association with Givenchy gave rise to LBD and fashion of Breakfast at Tiffany’s which became a cult look.





Her hair and make up was copied by many.. Remember yesteryear actress Sadhana who’s look was completely inspired by Audrey in her first film Love in Simla. She took the nation by storm and became famous for giving birth to Sadhana cut (bangs) which actually was an Audrey cut.


Sadhana in love in Simla
Audrey credited her seemingly Almond looking eyes to her make up artist who gave her the winged liner and heavy mascara look which she wore almost all her life.
She felt her feet were big and awkward so she would almost always be seen in ballet flats or moccasins which then became extremely popular with woman. She loved black and she wasn’t afraid to wear men’s fashion. Infact carried it with elan


Style Pointers for Audrey Hepburn look

  • A Black dress
  • Cropped trousers
  • white shirt 
  • Flat Ballet pumps
  • Winged liner
  • Wayfarers
  • Pearls

Grace Kelly was a picture of elegance and royalty. She was mostly seen wearing full skirted dresses and made Hermes bag the ultimate IT bag even for today’s generation


We saw Blair Waldorf totally inspired by her style in Gossip Girls

Style Pointers for Grace Kelly look

  • Long Flowy skirts or shirt dresses with flowy skirts cinched at the waist with a belt
  • V neck dresses
  • Simple woolen coats
  • light Cardigans draped over shoulders
  • Pearls
  • Scarves
Jackie O – one of my favorites had a more professional approach towards fashion. Maybe because she was the first lady and had to keep up with her image. She was mostly seen in Shift / sheath dresses or 2 piece suits and only after she became Onassis shifted to more casual style of dressing.



She made big black sunglasses the ultimate fashion accessory for every woman


Victoria Beckham has completely drawn inspiration from this 1960s style Icon and you can see Jackie’s influence on Victoria’s designs. They are absolutely fuss free and clean designs

Style Pointers for Jackie O 

  • Classic colors
  • Monochrome colors for 2 piece suits
  • Shift / sheath dresses
  • Simple knit sweaters with Trousers
  • Big Black sunglasses
  • Pearls
  • Versatile pieces that could be worn as easily during night time as in the daylight

8. Smoking was never so sexy
Now I would definitely NOT want you all to to follow this TO – DO but OMG did they make smoking sexy or what!!


Go ahead tell me who is your favorite amongst them and do you agree with my TO DOs.. Would love to hear your perspective.


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