Till I see you again Ree !!


Hello everyone. I apologise for not being in touch for sometime. With immense pain I share with you the loss of my extremely dear friend & the kindest soul I have ever met. She had been fighting a tough battle with Godforsaken cancer for last so many years with nothing but a will in her heart & a smile on her face. I would say she didn’t give up on both the things till the last minute. I could go on and on about her positivity but the biggest one for me was when she was scolding me for crying while being wheeled to ICU cos she was convinced that she will be back to normal in no time.


They say that there is a family that you are born into and then a family that you procreate with some people who touch your heart and become your soul mates. Today I grieve the death of my friend , my soulmate who despite all the challenges and vagaries of life taught me to stay strong and deal with situations no matter how tough life gets.

This loss comes as an unbearable shock to me and I know that my tears will eventually dry after sometime but I also know that she will always be there right beside me sending me energy of love & comforting thoughts to ease my pain.

We will probably never understand the loss of loved one and the complexities of life and death but what I have come to believe is that they exist on another level that most of us cannot see with our physical eyes. But if you are open to believing, your senses will guide you to their true presence. They will communicate to you through some signs, songs or intuitive messages to let you know that they are always there with you, watching over you. They will help you to adjust to their leaving till its time for them to move on and for you also to move on.

As I try my best to let her go to that far far land where she is free from all her pain & discomfort I also know that when I will look up at the sky and see the brightest gleaming star in the night it will be her watching over us like a mother that she was.

I dedicate all my work to this beautiful & humble soul, mother, wife, friend & most importantly a woman of steel who did not give up till the end and probably taught Cancer that its not so easy to defeat a resilient soul. She inspired me like no one else.
RIP Rita.. You will be missed so much… every day every minute.

Ree Ree Ree :-)

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