Throwing in an Arm Party!!

I know I have always insisted that I am not much of a jewelry/accessory person. Usually you will not see me sporting much. Seriously not even small dots in my ears but I feel I am slowly converting. Maybe the reason being that for quite sometime I just couldn’t figure out how does one wear these babies. I would see my friends obsess a lot over junk jewelry and found it quite fascinating the way they  had mastered the Art.  Meanwhile I had made up my mind that very few can carry off accessories and those few definitely did not include me. Most part of my life I have been happy just wearing a cool watch and that’s it. 
I love watches. I keep collecting them as and when I get a chance to buy them. From trendy to classic pieces I love them all. For me that was the only accessory I was comfortable with till I started experimenting with other things. I have already shared with you my love for Statement Necklaces. My latest fascination is to master the Arm Party. It basically is stacking up all your bracelets or wrist blings or friendship bands on your arm. Throw in a chunky watch too and the result is phenomenol. What did I tell you. The Art is in layering.
kendallandkylie celebuzz
The guest of honor & a must in this Arm party for me is a chunky watch. Watches are an ultimate Arm candy according to me. You need to have some chunky ones in your collection. From metals to plastics a big bold watch is the hottest accessory every girl must possess. Thrown in other jazz like delicate bracelets, one or 2 bangles or leather straps around and you have your own rocking Arm Party going on for you.
source : kenadallandkylie celebuzz
Michael Kors and even Marc Jacobs have some seriously stylish chunky watches which are hugely popular amongst many. They are rightly priced and pretty trendy to sport at any occasion. But seriously you could sport this style with any watch in your closet. It doesn’t matter as far as you stack it up. Just that a bigger watch will stand out. Take some inspirations from these pictures and have a party of your own :-)
source : The moderncool
source : hillaryquinn
source : fashionablyeverafter
source : The moderncool

Gold chunky watches are so in these days and I found some extremely cool ones on this site JULES B

Check out my picks here & you can see some more on JULES B site. They have some really cool pieces in Rose Gold too.


Marc by Marc Jacobs Henry Watch

How r you gonna wear yours?? I am definitely wearing mine with some cool bling i bought recently;-)


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