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The current mood in Fashion – The bigger the better!!
The Oversized trend seems to be getting more and more exaggerated and Hulkier. Across the runways we saw ginormous silhouettes being paraded in the name of fashion. TBH some looked absolutely comical but I guess that’s just an artistic creation. When it gets transformed to lesser mortals like us on the high street, its upto us to work it in our wardrobes. Right?
It actually got me thinking that how it completely defies the logic of fitness industry growing by leaps and bounds when the fashion industry is promoting this anti – fit trend!! However there are quite a lot of benefits to this trend for one it is more roomier and a lot more comfortable. That they are completely forgiving towards our bulges is a virtue that we can all get on board with. So embrace this trend with a whole lot of sartorial confidence.

I have mentioned it before too that I am into oversized clothes. For quite sometime I have been raiding my husband’s closet and believe you me that is like really oversized :-) I love white shirts so this time I flicked this one from his wardrobe and styled it with this beautiful choker that I got from one of the random shops in Lokhandwala market.
I liked the way this whole look turned out.
Its always fun styling oversized clothes. You can play with the silhouette and add belts or accessories to make them look stylised.

PS: I know my comment section on the blog is not working but you can always comment on my social media and lemme know if you like my looks. It is always good to hear from you guys.







Shonima Kaul

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