These are a few of my Favourite things!!

gym must have1

gym must have1

As you all know by now how much I am obsessed with working out. With the result I am forever inquisitive about things related to fitness. I thought I will just share a few of my favourite workout/ fitness things that I am currently obsessed with.

Lululemon leggings
I have been forever wanting to tell you about these. Somehow always slipped my mind. I own them for almost 2 years and they are the most comfortable pair of pants I have ever come across. I am not joking I literally live in them even after my gym sessions. I wear them in the house or even to run my errands. They are easily the most comfortable pair of leggings you can own.

Dymatize Liquid super Amino
I do believe in pre / post / Intra nutrition. You have to feed your body with the right supplements all the time so I definitely include Amino in my diet. I have tried a couple but Dymatize liquid is really super. It wasn’t available for quite sometime in the market and I struggled to find sources to get my hands on this but I believe now it is easily available. Its a must try. All the 3 flavours are too good.

Fitscuits by the Protein Bake shop
Oh My God are they delicious or what?? These Gluten free, grain free, low carb high protein biscuits are to die for. If you have a sweet tooth like me do try these. They are great to snack on till you have time to prep on a healthy meal

Peanut Butter
Peanut butter
Ok I am obsessed with Peanut Butter. I love it so much that I really have to watch out lest I should over indulge. Peanut butter has been proven to help you in losing weight. However you cannot have more than 2 Tblspoon of it else you will gain rather than lose. It is packed with calories but also fat which is good fat and highly recommended. The best part is that 2 tblspn leaves you feeling full for quite sometime and its a great snack. There are a whole lot of those in the market but stick to the one with less sugar content. Sugar should not exceed 3 gms. intact try to find lower than 3.

JBL Wireless Headphones
I cannot live without music. Infact I feel in my life every scene has a background music going on. I am not kidding. Sad, happy, Upbeat, blue whatever. I am a musical person. I will have a song for every occasion. Therefore its important to have some really cool source to listen to it. I am loving these at the moment cos they are wireless and they do look bomb. Right??

Hope you liked the post.. will come back with few more things as and when I find them. For now these are a few of my favourite things……

Stay fit

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