There’s something about WHITES – 6 Reasons to wear it now!!

I know its totally a wrong day to be writing this article with the entire city drowned in water and so mucky outside. However the sexy combination of Rains and Whites are somehow etched in our minds thanx to Bollywood. So whilst cozily ensconced in my comfortable big chair (which BTW is white in color)  & enjoying the light showers outside my window I can’t seem to take my mind off WHITE.
Pic courtesy : Garance Dore
Needless to say that I love the color. Everything in my house is practically white and I am always hungry for more. Though it seems to be the dreaded color by many, here are my 6 reasons to wear White like NOW :
1. It IS the color of RICH. No color signifies Richness like White -Cool,Classy, Sophisticated, Crisp,  Elegant, Chic, Pristine, Majestic are some of the adjectives that immediately come to our mind when we see White. Ever noticed how those swanky cars look majestic in White & the big White houses of rich and famous in Hamptons or French Riviera (Overdose of Revenge happening)

2. It’s an open canvas  - Paint it with your imagination. Accessorizing White is like giving a brush to an artist.

3. Timeless - It’s the color for every season. Its timeless. With White you can never go wrong so when in doubt wear White :-)

4. Confidence - For me the color signifies confidence – Easy breezy confidence

5. Keeps you inspired  Helps you keep a check on that waistline. The reason White is a dreaded color cos it accentuates every bit of fat on your body so treat it as a motivation to keep yourself in check :-)

6. Lastly its Raining so what the heck just wear WHITE  & enjoy hahaha.

And if it gets dirty then there is always a drycleaner, bleaches and if nothing works then your mother to help you. Might I give you more reasons!!
Have fun with Whites


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