The Ugly Truth !!!










When I shot this look and saw the pics on the camera I was quite happy with the results mainly because of the lighting. Also the background was meshing quite well with my outfit. I came home pretty satisfied till I sat on my big comp to sift through the pics and shortlist the ones I wanted to edit. Mind you the results that you see on camera and then on the actual screen can be very different. A lesson I learnt long time ago.

My happiness didn’t last for very long because the romper was super ill fitting and was just NOT at all flattering for my body shape. I immediately thought of scrapping the shoot cos uh -Oh not happening at all. I must have gone atleast 20 times through 250 pics we clicked because I was just not willing to scrap another shoot (I have done a whole lot of scrapping shrapping in past few days) BASICALLY because believe it or not it takes a lot of effort to get ready, find a location , avoid all the psycho glare on the roads and brave up the insane mumbai humidity, look up directly into the sun so that you get a glowing picture, put up a straight face even when you are sweating profusely in your panties and hoping you can get 5 decent pics for your blog. Crash- Burn- Repeat the same process another day was something I wasn’t willing to do. So what do I do. I decided to work smartly around the situation and carefully selected a few that I thought could be resurrected with a little bit of cropping and corrections and voila I got about 6 – 7 decent pics for putting up on my blog and amongst those 6 – 7 I will choose the best one that goes on the social media (Insta / FB etc etc) and for which I will also get a decent amount of comments saying romper is looking great & so are you :-)

What is the point of this story. The point I want to share is that while I was working on my pics I suddenly realised that this is what happens on Social media. Not that I didn’t know THIS before but it was just a thought that hit me very hard. We are always trying to project the best version of ourselves out there. The best selfie, the best pic of an outfit , the best family pic, the best vacation pic, the best social life, the best glam life but how much of it is actually the truth. I bet not even 10% of it. I am sharing (albeit a trivial) issue   openly like I wasn’t happy about this outfit. The romper is just not for my body type but I bet no one can make it out in these pics because I decided to only show what I wish to show to you and hide the NOT SO GOOD part of these pictures. Why?? because I am afraid that me being a fashion blogger cannot afford to go wrong with my fashion choices!! It is the truth. In today’s times when social media is one of the biggest boons, it is also a curse because no longer are we taking a carefree pic, no longer are we giving that honest smile and no longer are we comfortable in our skin. There is this mad need to project a rosy image and picture perfect life. This is the Ugly truth of social media. We get so fascinated by what we see and then start comparing our lives to theirs (I am absolutely guilty of doing that too) but we are forgetting that it is just a facade and the truth behind a pic can sometimes be so shockingly different. The age old adage that a picture speaks a thousand words is so not true in today’s day and time. Infact a picture hides if not thousands but a few lies too :-)

I know we are all smart and we know this but sometimes you know we seem to forget it. So just as a gentle reminder Do NOT believe everything you see and always take things with a grain of salt.

Do you have any comments about this??? what is your opinion??

Love Always

Shonima Kaul

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