The Tango Continues

Hi guys, Hope u all had a wonderful weekend. First and foremost A Big Thank U to all. FUF has crossed 15000 page views and its all because of your support so Thank u again and keep reading FUF
If you thought my love affair with Tangerine was over then wait The Tango still continues :-)

This color is so beautiful that we should be making use of it to the hilt
Did someone say How?? Hmm Let’s see

As an Eye color

This color looks beautiful on the eyes but the Rules are simple Bright Eyes, Subtle Lips & Vice versa
Pls don’t do Orange eyes and Orange Lips unless you want to look like an Orange BAR
You can do the smokey eye look or you can apply all over the lid and some black eyeliner.

The 3rd item in this picture (Inglot gel liner) as the name suggests is a liner but I use it all over my lid for a subtle Coral effect. Just a hint of black eye liner, Mascara and it looks beautiful.
Inglot has some very beautiful eye shadows and they are so well pigmented. # 51 is a deep orange but they have various shades in Orange.

Orange Flush on your cheeks
I love Orange on the cheeks. I think it gives a very youthful look. What do you think??

My favorite blushes in Orange- Well they are kind of Peachy cos they go very well with my skin tone

Benefit Cha Cha tint is a must have product. It is a 2 in 1 product both lip and cheek stain and it gives an amazing color to ur cheeks. It is Benefit’s best product. I am a big fan of Benefit products & this is a must have. Seriously.

Bright Nails

I love bright nails. They just look so darn beautiful. What better than orange. It goes with all skin tones
Some of may favorites.
Or just wear it as a dress
or wear it like I did
Obsessed with Orange
i am loving this color so much that my wardrobe is filled with it right now and I am so wearing it everywhere including on my nails :-)

Don’t miss the tangerine Teddy candle :-)))

So do the Tango girls and Have a superrrr week ahead

Go Tangerine!!

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