The super simple Summer Glow!!


With the temperatures going completely ballistic outside, its virtually impossible to think of putting any make up on your face. I feel like I am going to melt as soon as I step out of my room… forget about stepping outside in the Sun. I know life is not fair and we all are not blessed with beautiful Miranda Kerr like skin so there is little something we all need to do to put our best face forward to the world.
What do you do in this super hot weather?
I have a super simple routine which takes not more than 5 -7 minutes.
To begin with I have discovered this very light weight fast absorbing CC (Color correcting) cream from Clinique. I need a little bit of coverage to hide my blemishes and this one does the trick without making it feel heavy like a foundation. It’s a very thin airy veil of coverage which is just about right for this weather.  Its my miraculous skin saver of the season.
I totally am in love with the Sunkissed look for summers. Call it the Kardashian effect which I have been trying to master for a very long time. I haven’t reached there yet but this Clinique Bronzing powder works wonders for my skin and gives me that desired effect. I have practically tucked in all my blushes at the moment. I also put a little bit of illuminator for that extra glow.
I cannot step out without curling my lashes and applying a thick coat of volume mascara and lastly I am in love with DIOR Lip Maximizer. Girls it’s a must try.
All in all just a 5 min routine but good enough for that extremely hot weather outside. Any more and I will be a mess.
What is your Make Up routine for this kind of weather???
Stay pretty Stay safe


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