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Recently a friend of mine was leaving for the US and obviously was most excited about her first ever trip to the city of lights – the fabulous Las Vegas. She called me before leaving and a palpable wave of excitement could be felt through the phone as she gushed with energy about her itinerary. Now c’mon who wouldn’t be excited about it. I certainly shared my pearls of wisdom on things that should / shouldn’t be done while in the Sin City and what to look forward to. First and foremost getting around Vegas is very easy like Double Decker mass transit, Cabs, MonoRails.

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Vegas is such a fun place and there are a whole lot of things to do besides playing poker like going to the Hoover Dam, Grand Canyon, Movie Nights, and the world famous Vegas Shows.
She was particularly excited about various shows she had booked for herself on the net and was a bit confused about what could be worn to these shows. Since I was this friend who happens “to be it all , know it all”  fashion enthusiast & who also happens to blog about trends in fashion, my friend decided to turn to me for advise.

It actually got me thinking for a while cos I have attended a couple of shows and have never been able to figure out a dress code in particular. I have seen people wearing very casual to dressy attire leading me to believe there is no formal code for dressing to these shows.  Having said that the ones who turn up extremely casual look a bit out of place. So how do we figure out what is appropriate for the occasion if there is no dress code mentioned.

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I am a girl who likes to be well turned out when I am out so why wouldn’t I dress up for a nice evening out with my husband. Vegas shows are all about being grand and larger than life. They are indeed a spectacle in themselves so for me it’s like going into a make believe world. The least I can do is look good & feel like a part of it. Ok I am not saying get a ball gown for the occasion but at the same time for heaven’s sake don’t go in your flip flops. I fail to understand people who try to show this cool air of nonchalance about their dressing. So totally not happening.

My  simple tips for those who can’t decipher what to wear. Follow the guidelines to glide through such indecisive moments like dressing for a Vegas Show without looking too over or under dressed :
1. An LBD can never be a wrong choice.
LBD goes a long way to save you from committing a blunder. It is that magic elixir that is ur solution to all problems. When in doubt just turn to an LBD

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Wear them with sexy pair of heels

Throw in a jacket if you feel like. Jackets increase your style quotient and  also help you stay warm incase the aircon is high.
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2. Leave the Boyfriend but not the Blazer

A blazer can be your savior in a lot of situations. If you aren’t able to put a lot of thought just throw a blazer over a casual floral dress or wear it with those ripped jeans or cropped trousers or even with shorts. They can immediately make you look a little dressed.
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3. Short is cute
Off shoulder or one shoulder dresses work like a charm and if they are shorter then even cuter. Wear them with your sexy heels and you are good to go.


4. Heels are a must
I can never emphasise on the power of heels. They can make the drabbest of outfit look the coolest. That’s my mantra of looking great, Just wear a sexy pair of heels . They will make you look and feel like Cinderella. If you are going from one show to some place else for dinner just take a cab but Never compromise on heels.
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5. Carry a clutch


I know we all love our over sized bags but chuck them even if they are a Vuitton or a Dior. There is a reason a clutch is known as an evening clutch. For such occasions always keep fabulous one handy.

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6. Accessorize
Even if you are wearing something as simple as a jeans and a T shirt. Wearing a beautiful neck piece (or a statement piece) will make you look like dressed for the occasion but don’t go overboard. Just one piece.


7. Look fresh
I know when in Vegas, it’s difficult to be confined to a room but girls catch forty winks  before you step out in the evening cos its going to be a long night with the show and the dinner and the clubbing. This cat nap will help you looking fresh and alert through the night. And last but not the least wear loads of Attitude and Have fun
I gave the same advise to my friend and she was happy to follow it. Hoping it will help many of you too. 


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