The much highly anticipated Appearance!

Well, the much anticipated appearance at Cannes has finally been made by Ms Aishwarya Rai Bachchan. There were many a speculation on her high profile visit to Cannes especially due to her post pregnancy weight gain. It seems to have become a topic of national debate these days and a lot of people are losing sleep over Aishwarya’s decision to take it easy with her weight loss. So obviously everyone was waiting with bated breath.

As far as I am concerned I do not have any problems with her weight gain cos c’mon she just became a mother and we shouldn’t be so harsh on her. It does take time to loose fat especially pregnancy fat and its her personal choice at what pace she wants to do it so guys give her a break!
However, having said that I feel that Cannes being one of the prestigious glamour event, she could have skipped it this time. The world of glamour is cruel and celebrities of her stature tend to come sooner in the eye of storm. She belongs to this industry and she is bound to be judged. Her affair with Cannes has been sort of tumultuous with her being criticized for her sartorial choices in the past so its like taking too much risk with some amount of weight gain. Although it is quite a bold step on her part and has won her accolades but from a pure fashion sense I feel she fell flat.
I am glad that she chose an Indian outfit cos that was the right thing to do but the Abu – Sandeep sari didn’t do much justice. I found the outfit very boring and dull for a Red carpet Cannes event.¬†Though ¬†she wasn’t utterly disappointing , her pretty face being her savior but the overall appearance was downright average. Maybe she could have played with colors a little bit.

And I have no word to describe her in this Ellie Saab Couture. I am not sure if the angle is not right or the dress is looking plain hideous


As far as her other press event appearances were concerned, this ombre Angelo Katsapis outfit was not at all flattering. There was something wrong with it near the shoulders i guess.


But all wasn’t lost for this former beauty queen, I did like her in the Roberto Cavalli Kaftaan. I feel the outfit was pretty forgiving about her weight gain. It looked comfortable and yet very very elegant.

What do you guys think.. Do write your opinions.

Much Love :)

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