The little Miss DIOR.

The first look of the very hyped  & famous Jennifer Lawrence – Dior Collab is finally out for all of us to see. Many were seen raising their eyebrows at this unusual combo since Jennifer Lawrence did not exhibit the characteristics of this elegant sophisticated ladylike persona that Dior is famous for. However, Dior obviously knew what they were doing & have carefully and tactfully groomed the relationship. We have been seeing the 22 year old actress warming up to Dior in last few months whereby she made a whole lot of appearances in brand’s elegant designs. Finally, the veil has been lifted on entire Raison d’etre of the whole relationship and we are pleased to see the results. That the campaign is released close to the Academy Award ceremony in which she has been nominated & is a front runner for the best actress category may be seen as a strategic move by the brand albeit a smart one since she is bound to gather even more attention.
The Silver Lining Playbook actress wearing the Raf Simons designs is photographed by Willy Vanderperre & styled by Olivier Rizzo who has done a great job of making her look so elegant. A hint of color is added through Miss Dior bags to the otherwise B/W look. The DIOR ads are classy and elegant reminiscent of exactly what its lauded designer Raf Simons stands for. As for Jennifer, she looks stunning & every inch of Miss Dior in the new ads. Two Thumbs up

What do u think.. Do u like what you see

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