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Hello my Gorgeous Girls. First of all wishing you all a very Happy Women’s Day. May our tribe grow and prosper!!
I am so proud to be a woman because well there are so many advantages of being one.


Just being a woman is God’s greatest gift, we teach men what loving, caring & sharing actually means otherwise imagine how terrible the world would have been without a woman’s soft touch. I believe every woman has been blessed with beauty and each one is beautiful in her own way yet many of us fail to see ourselves in that light. Ofcourse as we grow older we tend to loose the external facade of what is termed as Beautiful by the world but I think internally we grow more wiser, stronger & compassionate with every experience and that is what is the true beauty of being a woman.

Having said that sometimes I feel that in the daily rigmarole of taking care of our house, family and work we tend to forget ourselves & stop paying attention to our own needs which is not cool. It is extremely important to love your ownself so that we can offer that love to others around us. Being healthy is imperative & feeling beautiful comes from within. I am a firm believer of “Loving your body & it will love you back” which was told to me by someone. I didn’t pay much attention then but I learnt this very late in my life. Ofcourse Make up can hide many a flaws but how much can you do with a tired skin or a sloppy body!! Therefore its extremely important to take care of your skin & body cos come on we are not getting younger but who says you cannot look younger


Here are my 5 commandments that one must follow for a fresher younger you
1. CTM – Cleanse Tone Moisturise are 3 simplest steps for a healthy skin. In a place like Mumbai where the weather is humid all year round, moisturising your skin is very difficult but I suggest find a very light water based moisturiser

2. Night Repair - Night is when all the repairing happens whether with your skin or your body. Get a great Night repair cream. First of all remove your make up with a mild make up remover and then slather the cream, massage it in your face and let it do the repair. You could try POND’s AGE MIRACLE DEEP ACTION night cream

3. Diet & Exercise  – I cannot even explain in enough words the importance of a good diet and exercise. Many girls suffer from body image issues and are victims to diseases like Anorexia and Bulimia. Some get into fad diets and starve themselves. They stop eating carbs and fats. Please believe me nothing works better than a balanced diet. Rest all is bullshit. Your body needs nutrition otherwise it will show on your face.
Avoid fizzy drinks, sugar , processed food and alcohol as much as you can doesn’t mean don’t have them at all. Everything in moderation is allowed and yes take out time to exercise. Some girls think we are not fat so why exercise. It is wrong. All women should exercise for healthy bones. We are very prone to osteoporosis so we need to strengthen ourselves. It not only keeps you fit but all that adreline actually makes you glow. It is good for your skin and hair.


4. Don’t just quench your thirst - Do not drink water just because you are thirsty. Drink as much as you can.
8 – 10 glasses is minimum that is recommended.
Water helps your body to be lubricated. It is like oil for the engine. Your joints will work well if they are well lubricated.
You won’t suffer from cramps.
It helps in weight loss.
It makes your skin supple.
It flushes out toxins.
Do you need more reasons to drink water??

So c’mon carry that bottle of yours with you everywhere you go and instead of softdrinks just try plain water sometimes. It is an elixir. Trust me on that.


5. SMILE - I know we all live in stress most of the times but find a way to smile and laugh at life. Don’t take it too seriously. None of us are getting out alive anyway so might as well enjoy it :-))

Happy Women’s Day my lovelies
Live Love Laugh

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