That White Shirt !!

So I thought of cleaning my closet the other day. For weeks I strategised as to how will I fit my piles n piles of clothes in that seemingly shrinking wardrobe. After weeks of mindless mulling, ‘Eureka’ moment happened. ‘Let’s color code it’ – genius idea. As I went ahead with my brilliant strategy, I realized that the only 2 stacks that are multiplying are Black and multiplying even more are the Whites.  At that point It dawned upon me that I have 2 racks of White shirts. Some look exact replica of the other and that’s not all. I have two bags of Zara lying in the corner and guess what do they contain – yup Bang on- White shirts agggain. Yes I have one too many of them and though they might look identical when all stacked together but they are different from each other either by way of cut , design, fit or texture. Inspite of having so many I am really and I mean really picky about them. It’s extremely important that they fit right with what you pair them so each one is my favorite piece in my collection. I got to thinking as to what is it about White Shirts and why is it a wardrobe Staple?
Courtesy : Starspage
Here are some of my thoughts -
1. Imagine you wearing a sexy dress and going for a party. You pair it with some beautiful accessories , throw in a jacket and complete it with awesome shoes feeling like a Diva who has come up with the best styling ever. Suddenly you notice someone standing at another corner of the room wearing the exact dress and probably accessorized it even better or worse whatever the case maybe. Throws you off and ruins your perfect Diva moment Right!! See that will never happen with a White shirt cos no one can steal your style when it comes to a White shirt. It’s so simple and there in its simplicity lies its elegance.
2. Other than that its a classic & the most versatile piece that you can always turn to when nothing else seems to be working.
- Looks classy with a Short skirt
Courtesy : Song of Style
- Elegant with a pair of trousers, 
courtesy : Daily Mail
- Perfect with a pair of denims either jeans or shorts, 
courtesy : Song of style
- Edgy if worn as a dress, 
courtesy : Man Repeller
- Sensuous if oversized (especially if it belongs to your boyfriend) and 
- Corporate with a Blazer.
Tell me any other piece in your wardrobe as versatile as this one.
3. Most importantly perfect for Summers – Easy Breezy Cool
4. And If you need one more reason – White is the new Black for Summers. Pair it with Gold and see the Magic
Courtesy : Posh 24
Keeping in mind the above I think a White Shirt is truly one investment piece that transcends the boundaries of luxury or high street and therefore earns a position of respect in our wardrobe. Naah I am not trying to justify my 2 stacks but throwing in some compelling arguments out there.
What do you think?? Does it make sense?? I think I need to do an outfit post in a white shirt soon :-)
Happy Summers


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