That Extra half an inch.

Hi Girls. Its Friday again :-) No Tips today just thought of writing to all of you.

This article is my ode to all those women all around the world who like to be stylish and who love fashion. Women are meant to look good.  That’s why God has created us. Fashion is just a means to make us achieve this task.
                                                                                                                  Illustration taken from Bree
Many associate  fashion to luxury brands & wearing couture. On the other hand, its all about style. Its about “This is who I am”.  Being fashionable doesn’t mean that one has to be a brand whore, its just paying attention to the little details while you dress up, taking care of nuances and being confident in whatever you are wearing. Its about striking the right balance & looking in the mirror and saying “Hell Yeah, I look grrreat.”

The basics remain the same. A Jeans is what everyone wears and the shoes are available to everyone. We all go and buy from the same ocean. Its just what you pick and what you feel looks good on you that sets you apart from the rest. Therefore you need to pay a little bit extra attention to yourself. That’s all.

                                                                                                  Illustrations taken from Bree
In this process we all commit fashion faux pas. To err is human and we definitely don’t have a battery of support staff working round the clock to make us look like celebrities. No stylists, no make up artists, no hairstylists. Its only natural that we commit mistakes and it is totally alright to do so, else how will we learn.
I have committed many mistakes in my process of learning and thats why I give you honest tips in my blog. They come out of  real life experiences.  Let me tell you some of the disasters committed by me.
  • Wearing Bright lipsticks with my everyday lip liner. I would end up looking like a clown especially in Red lips. Till the time I realized the importance of using the same color lip line
  • Always and I still do pick up wrong shades of nail polish that just doesn’t compliment my skin color
  • Wrong Foundations when I had just started using them. Now this one is funny. Imagine a foundation 3 -4 tones lighter than ur complexion and wearing bright Red lip color. OMG  when I see that picture I get a heart attack haha. I look like a white ghost with blood thirsty lips.
  • Ok ok this doesn’t end here imagine a foundation (powder) that is atleast 10 tones darker than your skin color. Actually that was more so because I forgot my MAC shade number which is a C5 and ended picking up NW45 at the airport while traveling to Paris. How does that happen???   You can’t even imagine how I looked in that shade. Like a sun burnt fried potato in freezing cold weather of Paris. I know you all are laughing right now. But the smarter me now uses it as a bronzer. Its still dark but I can live with it.
  • Sometimes I get so carried away that I end up buying a dress even if it is one size smaller in the anticipation that one day I will reach that size. Ha! Never happens so I end up gifting it to someone

One mistake that most of us commit are trying to copy others. I know imitation is the best form of flattery but you got to be smart. What suits one may not suit you. Also you don’t want to end up looking like a clone of the other. Give it a twist. Adapt it according to your style. This goes for fashion trends too. Not necessary to follow all of them. Just the ones that suit you or chuck them.

But, then there are some who don’t seem to care at all. They dress up because they have to cover their body. They think that its all about inner beauty and spending too much time on dressing up is waste of some precious hours in which they could have saved the world from some potential disaster!!  They look down upon people who dress up and most often than not consider these creatures to be vain.

Do you guys remember Andy Sachs from Devil Wears Prada. Even she had to give in to Miranda Priestly and embrace fashion. Hail Miranda!!

                                                                                              Illustrations taken from Bree
How many of you have heard some go like “oh you know I couldn’t care less”. Well, yeah  honey it shows that you couldn’t, else why would you look like that. Listen girls, You can love it, you can hate it, you can’t escape it

So you see we all commit mistakes because we are real people but we learn from them. Just don’t commit the same mistake twice.
My Tip : If you are NOT confident about what you wearing, always ask that one person you know who will be honest with you and won’t let you go out looking like a disaster. For me it is my husband & my brother.
Well whether I listen to them is a separate story altogether.
So girls embrace the goodness of fashion. Don’t be afraid to commit mistakes. Be smart and don’t lose your mind over it. Take out time to groom yourself and find out what looks good on you. You just need to that extra half an inch to look your best always. Trust me it will only make you more confident.
So have fun with fashion & stay Stylish.

Fashionably yours!!

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