Take the Wheel!!


I had this incredible opportunity to partner with Volkswagen for the latest product in their stable – AMEO. They were to send me the car and I was to shoot with it. However, I thought of having some fun and taking it for a quick weekend trip with my friends. One stone 2 birds – get to shoot in a great location and have a picnic with my friends and Ameo. The task in hand was how to capture the fun element through pictures. After much brainstorming with my team we decided to also create a mini travelogue of sorts along with the pictures & what fun it turned out.
PS : Do not forget to see the video at the end of this post.
We created a short story of sorts and I convinced (rather coerced) my friends to act in it. We drove all the way to Aamby valley and shot inside and along the way. We took turns while driving and even though it was a Manual car I had absolutely no problems driving it. It was a smooth ride.

I am so happy to finally see this post come alive cos I had many a sleepless nights before I could make this. The idea was not frozen. I didn’t know any photographers to work with since after Ushmi’s left I haven’t appointed any professional photographer. It was a full day outstation job which I haven’t done till now and I was worried about permissions but it all came together on the day of the shoot.

I have a whole lot of people to thank for it starting with Vik who managed to get us inside Amby Valley & agreed to be my actor. NOMADSAM for scripting, directing and putting up with Vik & me. Dimple for always helping me out with my pics and most importantly Clinton who is so good with shooting cars that it was great to have him onboard. Ofcourse Vijay Lalwani for being my transporter in Aamby Valley. He is the one doing all the stunts with the car in Aamby and he sure seemed to have enjoyed Ameo the most.
Last but not the least Volkswagen team for giving me the car for the day and partnering with FUF to bring this incredible experience alive. Hope u all enjoy the pictures and the video in the end.



collage 2





IMG_1951 edit





Scripted, Directed, Shot by NOMADSAM
Pics courtesy : Clinton Pereira , Dimple Rana
Car : Ameo courtesy Volkswagen

Lots of Love
Shonima Kaul

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