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Feels like Fall!!


Hey guys.. Is it just me or are you also feeling a slight nip in the air?? Since I am very good at creating my very own make – believe world I am not sure if its actually happening or is my mind playing tricks with me again. Whatever it is , the weather feels good and in my mind we are experiencing Fall. The days are getting shorter and the Sun is setting faster. We are almost at the end of the year & I have no clue how the whole year passed. And since we are in November, darker shades are the primary drivers in my wardrobe & also my make up.
I am loving the whole Bold lips look this year, makes a strong statement. So what are going to be my Fall favourites this year.. Well let’s see

1. Burgundy – lips, clothes, shoes, bags…the works I love that colour
2. Blush Pink – Fall 2016 color is gonna make way into the wardrobe
3. Thigh high boots – still looking for a sexy pair to satiate my fashion hungry senses
4. Bomber Jackets
5. Metallics – clothes, lips, eyes
6. Velvet
7. Tassled earrings – ooooh love them
8. Bold lips










The whole look : Zara
Pics : Dimple Rana

Happy Fall
Shonima Kaul

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As you all may have gathered by now, I love dressing up. It’s my thing. Even if I am in a bad mood, dressing up makes me feel alive. I do it for myself & I insist everyone should do it. The amount of confidence it will give you is unbelievable. The days I am not upto the mark (by that I mean the standards set by my own self) it is very evident in my demeanour cos I don’t feel my 100%. It’s a therapy I feel that we should all invest in :-)

As we grow our style evolves with age. Offlate I am steering more towards pieces that are sophisticated & suave. Case in point this dress that I found extremely classy. I love the neck detailing and Navy Blue is one of my favourite colours. I was not very sure about the length of the dress cos I feel it will look much better if short. As for this look I wanted to look elegant so kept the styling very clean.

I am sorry I don’t have much to share today as last few days have been a bit unfortunate. Hoping to come back with some good stuff in next post. Hope u like this one.













Dress : Zara, Shoes : Steve Madden, Bag : Charles & Keith, Earrings : Zara
Photog : Mrinmai Parab

Location courtesy : LPQ Powai

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Shoulda, Woulda, Coulda ???


OK, I have to tell you that I kept looking & then re looking at these pics for almost 2 hours. Actually I will let you in on one secret – Everytime I am writing a new Blogpost I go back to my previous posts and keep looking at some of my old pictures and then think to myself “Are these appropriate??” Should I be dressing down a little bit?? Does this look OTT? Am I going to get judged?? Therefore Should I have been wearing it, Would It have changed anything, Could I have done it better? These and many more such doubts run through my mind. Some sit there for a longer period of time & some get quashed there and then. The only valid argument that I give to myself that this is precisely the purpose of my Blog – to showcase my style which is an extension of my personality.

Don’t get me wrong I am not regretting any bit of it. On the contrary these questions make a good enough base to debate with our self doubts & emerge a winner. We are everytime faced with the challenge of Shoulda, Woulda, Coulda. Second guessing a decision or thinking of an alternate response to a situation may not be a bad idea but its possible to get so caught up in the paths not taken that a person can get entangled in the endless web of Shoulda, Woulda, Coulda blame game. The only thing that works at that time is to act according to best of your capabilities and leave the doubts and second guessing to some other time.

I am so grateful to have my Blog that lets me be myself & express myself in a manner I wish to. I am inspired by so many women in the world in different spheres of life & one common thing I see in them is that they do not want to blend in. They are constantly pushing the boundaries. Sometimes i wonder if they are haunted by “Shoulda, Woulda, Coulda” when they look back into the rearview mirror of their life. Well, even if they are I am sure they are shrugging it off with an optimistic explanation. The point I want to make & at the risk of sounding cliched (but I will anyway say it is) Stay true to yourself. Live freely, experiment as much as possible & let your style evolve. People will stare, At least make it worth their while.

Coming to my outfit – I am not a quirky dresser. Infact I like sticking to classic with a hint of edgy. I wanted to make this one look fun, young & playful hence the choice of this cutesy top & hairstyle. I hope you like it as much as I do.

4L4A8181 EDIT


LPQ COllage1


4L4A8235 edit



4L4A8222 edit


LPQ Collage3

4L4A8186 Edit

Top, Pants, Choker : All Zara ; Bag: LV, Shoes : Steve Madden
Pics : Mrunmai Parab
Location Courtesy : LPQ Powai

Stay Happy

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IMG_3058 copy

IMG_3058 copy

“Find what you love & let it kill you ” -C Bukowski

I know I have been MIA for a while on the blog trying to keep in touch via my Instagram / FB shares. Though many a times I wonder what is it that I am doing & whether or not I am making any sense to anyone. The only consolation I give to myself is under the pretext of sharing an outfit since I have not been able to shoot in the longest time. Ofcourse Fitness being my other love takes up a whole lot of space on my Social media. Oh Well, Snapchat is just another story. Honestly I have no idea what to do there because it feels like a shot in the dark to me. Still trying to wrap my head around this new kid on the block. Anyways I am glad to be back with this colourful post on the Blog. I am hoping to get my act together and be more regular.

It felt a little awkward to shoot after so long and I had not arrived at any concept so far for the shoot so the first time I shot for this post, it was so random & disconnected that it had to be scrapped. However Ushmi & me were very excited about these Murals that we decided to build the theme around it for a re- shoot. This Pyjama style jumpsuit made a perfect outfit to depict an artist bringing his imagination to life on a canvas (wall in this case) through splash of colours.

I often wonder what these people envisage in their minds to bring out such beautiful pictures to life. I would love to get into the realms of their minds to understand the creative process. It’s same for every artist I guess. The thoughts in their mind, the driving emotion, their passion all comes out in form of their Art. I also feel that having some kind of passion allows you to vent out your negative emotions leaving you toxin free. What do you think? I really wish I had some artistic talent in me. For now I am just playing one through my blog. Hope you like the pictures.

IMG_3053 copy





IMG_3109 copy

IMG_3091 copy

IMG_3117 copy

IMG_3122 copy

IMG_3079 copy



IMG_3111 copy

IMG_3101 copy

IMG_3105 copy

IMG_3108 copy

IMG_3071 copy

Jumpsuit , Heels , Choker : Zara, Bag : Charles & Keith
Pics : Ushmi

Lots of Love

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I have been a huge fan of Self Portrait label.  Have you heard of them? I have provided you with a link incase you haven’t and you could also google them. It’s probably one of the best brand that can make sheer dresses look so classy. Every time I see it on someone I want to get my hands on this brand. Unfortunately it seems a little difficult at the moment so I decided to create something similar of my own.

Playing with sheer is extremely beautiful. If I had the body for it & most importantly if I was living in a place like New York (which btw I am sure I will, some day soon) I would have probably styled Sheer very differently. I remember experimenting a lot with sheer in confines of my dressing room but every time I would get something my husband would give me a big nod of disapproval so I just stopped. Till I found this piece in Zara and I was not going to let it go. Finally I knew what I had to do and so I created my own Version of a Self Portrait dress. Ofcourse it’s not as pretty as the original but I guess I can make do with it.

Ok so the point I am trying to make here is that there is plenty of inspiration around us. All we need is to keep our mind and eyes open. I know we all do not have access to big time labels/ designers but there are a lot of things available in High street brands you can use to create your style. You just need to have an eye for it and figure out a way to get the look that you so desire. There is a reason all these Street Style Blogs are gaining popularity. It’s to show us different ways you can style something simple and put a look together. So girls keep looking for inspirations and don’t ever think you can’t do it.

Hope u like my look :-)

IMG_8172 edit



IMG_8177edit 1

IMG_8210 2

IMG_8191 edit

IMG_8159 edit


IMG_8239 edit


IMG_8231 edit

IMG_8241 edit

Sheer Cover up : Zara, Separates : Zara, Bag: Kate Spade NY, Shoes : Christian Louboutin
Pics : Ushmi Kanakia

Stay Stylish

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IMG_7961 edit

IMG_7961 edit

The temperatures are soaring and its getting rather difficult to wear clothes. I mean really you just would slip into some torn cotton T shirt and shorts and pray you do not have to step outside. I am so glad to wear the off shoulder trend these days. It kind of makes summers easy to bear. Only problem you gotta work hard on those shoulders and for someone like me who is broader I need to work harder :-)

Ok I have to tell you that I am completely in love with Olive green right now. As the fashion circuit internationally are claiming it to be the new Black (I wonder how Black must really feel cos every time some new colour is bragging to replace it, first navy , then Orange and now Olive.. Hmmm but Black you will always remain my first love) . Anyway coming to Olive – my love affair started when I spotted this colour on the Runways last year and  then saw a number of people wearing it at Fashion Week all over & then some street style looks on my favourite fashionistas so anticipated this Military colour to take over the streets. I actually wanted a jacket but then I would have to migrate to the other part of the world to wear it Right?? So I settled for this Skort at the moment. When I bought it I envisaged wearing it with a cream knitted crochet top and flats & a hat – la Coachella look or a high neck mustard top with a khaki jacket for winters but I liked the way it turned out with this Off shoulder piece. I promise to show you the other way I thought of styling it if I get my hands on the top I am imagining in my mind.  For now this one is not that bad either.

Also a special mention to this Box clutch from Charles & Keith. I know I have told it before but I don’t mind repeating that I am in love with Charles and Keith Bags/ clutches. If you looking for sophisticated and affordable chic I totally recommend the brand. It’s true value for money.




Collage 1








Collage 2







Skort , TOP, Choker : Zara ; Bag : Charles & Keith , Shoes : Steve Madden , Watch : Gucci
Pics : Ushmi Kanakia

Lots of love

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White Glam!!


I had put together this outfit for a friend of mine cos she needed something in White for a party. Instead of opting for a dress I put together these separates to arrive at a Glam solution. While she rejected it saying it would be too hard for her to carry it, I ended up at the cash register line buying it for myself. A poor case of an Artist falling in love with their own creation only in this case there was hardly any Artistic creation just another excuse to shop :-)

I decided to give it a complete White theme and therefore added no colour. I love how rich an all White outfit can look. And God Am I happy or what with the Choker trend.. As many of you who have been reading my blog for years know that I love love love chokers though I feel they don’t suit me so much as my neck is not too long but I don’t care I still wear them a lot and I love them a lot so accessorised this all white look with this gorgeous thrifted piece. I love the way it glams up the whole outfit. What do you guys think.. Do you like??




IMG_7903 edit



Black n white Collage











Whole outfit : Zara, Shoes : Zara, Neckpiece : Thrifted
Pics : Ushmi Kanakia

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It’s funny how somethings just stay in your mind for good. You might have seen something somewhere and it just gets etched in your memory like forever. I had seen this DIOR dress on Olivia Palermo almost a year ago and since then have wanted to get something similar. I even thought of getting it stitched but then my laziness took over and like many other projects that go in my “never to see the light of the day” file this one too has been sitting pretty in that pile. But like they say Ask and you may Receive, I was beyond thrilled to find a somewhat beaten down version of it in Zara a few days back. Somebody should have captured the look on my face. It’s like a kid finding something in a candy store. I always get so excited with my shopping finds. I remember coming home and sharing it with my husband in my usual enthusiasm but I swear to God he had no clue what I am talking about and gave me another of those “Oh some more money down the drain” look. Ha! like it matters!!
Though its a far cry from the the beautiful DIOR but it does have some kind of resemblance to the original. Don’t you think so?? Anyway its my version of stealing Olivia’s look. Hope you like it.

Fashion week has started and I am excited to catch some shows. Hopefully should be able to capture some action on my Snapchat. Toodles till i see u again.












Dress : ZARA, Neckpiece : Curio Cottage, Shoes : Zara, Bag : LV, Sunglasses : Mont Blanc
Pics : Ushmi

Stay Stylish

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Sky is the Limit!!


Hello my gorgeous people. I am sure by now you would have comfortably slipped into 2016 with renewed vigour, positivity and some new year resolves of leading a healthy life, pursuing some new hobbies or finding that perfect work – life balance blah blah blah. Precisely the reason Gym memberships see a sudden surge during the month of Jan only to be given up in next few weeks. Hey I am not discouraging you in any way. All I am saying is that this is the general trend.

But if you are anyone like me who has a mild hangover of 2015 especially the last few days and is still struggling to find a stable ground in 2016 and moderately able to get through the daily routine then give me a high five people. I am still stumbling and recovering from what went by. Believe it when I say that I have not even the slightest clue as to what date is it today.

I have a list of million things that I want to do this year. Nope they are no resolutions cos I do not believe in resolutions. They are just things / normal chores I want to do to better/ simplify my life / lifestyle starting from organising my closet that seems to be giving me all sorts of panic attacks, getting my Vodafone plan changed because they somehow seem to be fleecing me with the current one & yeah packing my christmas tree..Hello, Santa went long time back!
Hurray, I have finally decided to wake up from my slumber, kick my own butt and put things into action starting with putting up the very first post blogpost of this year and diving into the thick of things. With such a sluggish start I am optimistically hoping that things can only go uphill. What say?

Having said that New Year does mean a fresh start, clean slate and new beginnings. With that in mind I hope to make this year one of the best for me and hoping the same for all of you. Hustle, work hard and do your best cos sky is the limit guys. Though slightly late but nevertheless Happy beginnings.

Leaving you with some pics from my Manali Trip & a special thanks to Priyanka Shivan for the clicks. I guess FUF helped her to find a new hobby to pursue :-)


















Dress : Zara, boots : Moon Boots
Pics : Priyanka Shivan

Lots of Love

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It’s the last Day of the Year & do you know what it means for me. It means I will be leaving a whole year behind me. No matter good, bad or average. I like that kind of Closure. Infact I love the word Closure because it means you are putting an end to things and thinking of starting afresh. There is hope, there is newness and there is a whole lot of Zealousness to welcome new things, new people, new adventures in your life. I love this feeling of starting over again and having a fresh year ahead of me filled with new chances & new experiences.

No matter how the year went by, whether it gave you some heart stopping bad memories or you got caught in some emotional quicksand that pulled you down. Old losses, past injustices, Bitterness, nagging guilts are some emotions that can overpower us when the year is coming to an end because thats the time we choose to reflect on our personal journeys in life. What we got, what we gave, what we lost and what we won. It’s time to wrap it up and give yourself some kind of closure.

While I sit surrounded by snow covered Himalayas and enjoy the tranquility of this place, I also have flashes of the year gone by which has been mixed bag of sorts. The irreparable loss of my sweetest friend will always stay with me. It shook me and made me realise that life is way too short to live with any regrets so we must live each day like its our last. Give it all you have.

On the other hand FUF helped me take up newer challenges and come out with a clothing line which made me very proud. My Blog has been my saviour of sorts. It has given me some great moments and even greater ways to spend my time. It has taught me patience and perseverance. It also taught me that nothing worth having comes easy in life & that only you are your biggest competition. It has introduced me to some great people and greater work by them. It provides me the hunger to learn and outdo myself every time. Its given me the space to share my feelings and voice my opinions about things I am really passionate about. It has given me an identity & I love FUF so much more for all this. It has pushed me to better my Art & in return got me love from so many wonderful people like you.

I also realise that for every loss I have suffered, there is so much to be grateful about. The past year has provided growth, learning , travel, love & opportunities. With the hope of getting better & bigger in the coming year I am signing off for 2015 & wishing all the incredibly lovely thing for all of you too in 2016. Thank you for reading my random scribblings and supporting me. Much Love..xxx

to each one of you.

Leaving you all with some pictures of my current travel to Manali.. You can catch me on instagram & Snapchat for more.
















Dressed from Head to Toe in Zara
Pics by :Priyanka Shivan

Lots n Lots of Love & Good wishes
Happy New Year

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