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Getting ready to welcome Festivities



Its the starting of the favourite time of the year. Th last 4 months before yet another year ends. The festival season is upon us. Also the time to take out your fineries and dazzle the world. This is the only opportunity I take to dress myself up in layers of clothing even if the weather does not permit us to do so.
I love wearing Indian attire during this time. I truly believe that we Indians look so beautiful in our Indian clothes. I am kickstarting the season wearing this beautiful peachy Anarkali by Ritu Seksaria. I love how simple yet elegant it looks and the golden dupatta just makes the look complete.

I also wanna take this opportunity to wish you all a Happy Ganesh Chaturthi. Hope the Lord brings lots of happiness along with him. Also I hope you are getting an eco friendly Ganpati home cos trust me even God wants to save our planet :-)










Have fun guys

Happy Ganesh Chaturthi

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Modern Princess !! Part Deux


Taking forward my Modern Princess theme, this is the second version of how I styled the look. Half saris are totally cool way of draping this beautiful fabric incase you want to stay away from absolutely traditional style. I took a vibrant colour to match up with my Ivory earrings from Aquamarine. I have played with jewellery to come out with 2 versions of this look.

Hope you like the variations in the MODERN PRINCESS post.











Sari : very old , Jewellery : Aquamarine, Crop Top : Vintage Earth, Shoes : Steve Madden
Pics : Ushmi

Location courtesy : Blanco

Happy Festivities
Shonima Kaul

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Sailing across the twilight
Pushed gently by the wind
Gliding across the dusk sky
The darkness closes in

Remnants of Rain Storm
Drifting across the sky
Glistening with sunlight
as day becomes the night

The Sun hovers on the horizon
As night begins to fall
The darkness all around now
And the day has gone by.









Another one from my Festive series.. Hope you all like it

Dress : Vintage earth, jewellery : Aquamarine, Dupatta : old one
Pics : Dimple Rana

Happy Festivities
Shonima Kaul

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R.E.D by Kolors !!


Its a rare moment to dress up in Indian clothes but every time I do, it makes me feel so beautiful. I am a hoarder basically & I am not proud of it. My wardrobe is at any point of time overflowing with clothes. Though I strive very hard to be organised in life, it never happens with my wardrobe because there is absolutely no space. I am one of those who takes their head off the mundane by way of shopping. It’s now an addiction of sorts.

Anyway why am I telling you all this cos there was absolutely no need for me to be adding these Indian clothes in my already crammed for space cupboard yet the simplicity of these garments and the beautiful pastel shades melted my heart & so here I am. These light weight breathable kurtas from R.E.D by Kolors are a boon for Indian climate & I don’t even need an occasion to wear them. They offer a wide variety of Indian wear from simple to dressy. I particularly chose these simple ones because you hardly get these simple yet chic kinds unless you get them tailored. I love the self embroidery on this baby Pink one & the cut work on the pastel green Kurta. I have styled them here with some Indian jewellery but they are pretty on their own if you need to wear them to work or some casual outing. Do visit their FB page to see more of their collection & make your pick.











Hope u like them

Dresses : R.E.D by KOLORS, Earrings : Aquamarine, Cuff : F21, Choker : Art Karat
Pics : Vikram Walia

Lots of Love

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Happy Diwali !!


The last post for the festive series & this brings me to the end of ethnic week on FUF. I had so much fun creating all the different looks for you guys. Hope I was able to inspire you enough to style your own outfits.

The idea was to get creative and instead of investing further more into one of those hugely elaborate & extremely expensive Indian garbs which I would barely use, experiment with the pieces I already own or look out for pieces that can be used multiple times. What I learnt is that by choosing the right accessories it was easy & fun to put the whole look together.

This one I am wearing right now has been saved by me for a Diwali party at my place. The easy cool vibe of the dress will allow me to float around effortlessly as the gracious hostess I plan to be tonight and the subtle ethnic hints go well with the Indian theme. All I did was add a pair of earrings to drive home the point. What do u think.. Nailed it???

Just incase you have missed out on the other posts, feel free to check out the last few posts.. its all about being Indian.

Have a Happy, Noisefree & Blessed Diwali everyone. May this festival of lights illuminate your life & bring you lots n lots of good health, wealth, Prosperity & Peace.  Be safe & Have fun..








P1060105 a


Dress : Vintage earth, Earrings : Expressions (lokhandwala market)
Pics courtesy: Vikram Walia

Sending you good vibes people

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Sari & the Story!!



This one I saved for just before Diwali cos this one is special. I was discussing with my friend that how I wanted to do a special post for Diwali because last year due to some reasons I missed out on presenting anything special. This was just before I planned to shoot Garden of Eden. She immediately came up with this idea of styling a sari since I had never done it so it will be different.

I was extremely apprehensive cos firstly who will tie the sari at 6 in the morning for me. Secondly where do I find a blouse on such short notice and thirdly I am extremely clumsy with this Indian Fabric. I slept over the idea and continued with my other plans. It however stayed in my mind as I continued with all my planned shoots silently working on this look on the side as an option that may not see the light of the day.

Several thoughts were running through my mind as to- which sari, what look?? – should it be modern or traditional? should it be sexy or Elegant?? Sabya or Manish?? Countless images were conjuring in my mind- Sridevi in Kaate nahi kat te , Madhuri in Dhak Dhak, Rani atop a snow clad mountain, Mumtaaz in Aaaj Kal Tere mere, Priyanka in Bajirao or Rekha in an elegant Kanjivaram. What to do?? (I have no clue how I would have pulled off a Sridevi or Madhuri or even Rani in snow! but what the hell..Its brainstorming!!) Inspirations were running agog, coming in multitude forms.

Of course being married to a South Indian means access to some beautiful Traditional Kanjivaram delight. So that’s it, a couple of frantic calls were made to mom -in – law. Obviously an overenthusiastic MIL at the very idea of her DIL asking for a sari & the thought of seeing me in 9 yards (which btw is very rare) stepped up the gear (At this point I remembered FUF reaches all her relatives too so she must be pretty excited :-) )and came back to me with 4-5 options . All of them carefully selected & packed. You have no idea how South Indians love their Kanjivarams. I must say they were all gorgeous. I rummaged through the section of the cupboard that I hardly pay any attention to and managed to find a top that could go with any of these heirloom pieces.

The alarm was set 2.5 hours before the reporting time, usually it is 1.5 hours. Extra 1 hour to tie my sari. After a few trials and errors and some 100 safety pins later I managed to get it right. The shoot went off pretty well though both Ushmi & me ran out of ideas to pose in a sari. I was pleased with the results and sent a couple of pics to MIL. She was ecstatic. One stone two birds!! Now that is happiness. Special thank u to my friend for seeding this idea in my mind :-)

Happy Dhanteras & Happy Diwali :-)

Leaving you with some more inspiration on what to wear from your current closet. Hope u like it


FUF Sari Collage 5


FUF Sari Collage 2


FUF Sari Collage 3




FUF Sari Collage 4



FUF Sari Collage 1


Sari : Kanjivaram (belongs to my dearest MIL) , Choli : Vintage Earth (old), Jewelry : Thrifted & old, Tattoo : Flash Tattoos
Pics : Ushmi

Love & Good wishes

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Spicy Sangria!!



Finally breaking away from the spell of Black & Gold and moving on to some Spicy Red in this Global Desi Festive outfit. Have you noticed how these slit tops are such a huge rage these days.. I did one look a while back which also could help you for some festive inspiration – Underconstruction.

Coming to Slit tops – well ask me cos of course I follow a whole lot of bloggers and I am just seeing these everywhere. Even brands like Zara & H&M have some or the other version of these.

A fiery Red with some Gold print makes for a heady concoction this festive season. You could find this set in Global Desi Sores. It’s also available in Blue & Black combo but I think I have had enough with Black.

What do you think guys?? Inspired much???



Red dress Collage






Tunic & Palazzo set : Global Desi , Jhumkas : Aquamarine
Pics : Ushmi
Location courtesy : J W Marriott, Sahar

Happy Diwali

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Golden Odyssey!!


I am liking the current pace of my work. It leaves no time for monotony. It’s like seamlessly transitioning from one task to another. I guess it’s the festive season that brings along a whole lot of energy with it. The entire city seems to be dancing to a certain Rhythm. There’s a whole lot of confusion about countless ideas & thoughts given to what to wear, what to gift, how to decorate & how to plan the celebrations. Its awesome & it’s mad.

In this madness that I am also reeling under I caught up with the team at the House of Anita Dongre and they took me through their range that they recently launched for all the brands under their umbrella. What caught my eyes was this amazing festive collection by GLOBAL DESI. My enthusiasm left no bounds on discovering the pricing of the range. Ever since then, I have been gushing about it to my friends and anyone who is asking me to suggest them what to buy for Diwali. I myself picked up a few things. I know I said I would recycle but you can’t keep a girl away from shopping for long. Can you??

I picked up this Dhoti & Top separate that I definitely plan to use late with separate tops and bottoms but for now they seemed to perfectly compliment each other. Loved the Dhoti especially cos it is extremely comfortable and also It’s a good change from my usual festive attire. I am totally in Love with Global Desi range and recommend you to go and have a look.. I am sure you will end up buying a couple of pieces for some occasion or the other.

A special thank you to nicest people at JW Mariott Sahar for providing me a perfect backdrop for this shoot and being extremely kind to let me use their facilities otherwise it would have been extremely difficult to go on in this sweltering heat. And guys while you are there do try out the delicacies at their Italian Restaurant – Romano.

For now leaving you with some festive inspiration. Enjoy!!






FUF Dhoti Collage






FUF Dhoti Collage 1


Dhoti & Top : Global Desi , Heels : Steve Madden, Maang Tikka : Curio Cottage, On My Lips : Nars Dragonfly

Pics : Ushmi Kanakia
Location courtesy : JW Sahar, Mumbai

Happy Diwali

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Garden of Eden!!



A lot of people on seeing my work assume I am a struggling model who on account of not getting a break has decided to make use of her pictures on a website created by her own self. While many people in my family still do not understand what is it that I do for a living at least I am glad that I have introduced people around me to the world of Fashion Blogging. ¬†Some of my friends have even started following Bloggers and indulge into a candid discussion with me about xyz’s style/ life / pictures. Well, thats a progress Right??

I recently met someone for something I needed to get done for my Blog and therefore had to explain my line of work. The question & Answer session that entailed post my explanation left me wondering if I had done justice to my profession. After a momentary silence and a look of anticipation on my face to get some sign of approval from the other person , pat came an enthusiastic “Oh so you are a stylist” reaction & I thought to myself maybe that is a more socially acceptable role.

Fashion Blogging consists of a huge spectrum of work from Personal style to Trend spotting/ reporting to Street style photography to DIYs to what when where how to how to get Bargain deals and work a look in less etc etc. It is upto you to see which one can you do justice to. When I started, there were just a few of us in India who had taken up this profession but today I see a whole lot of them mushrooming around the country. Every time I open my Instagram, there is a new face staring at me as a Fashion Blogger & the thing is that they all seem to be doing extremely well for themselves which is good for the fraternity. Unfortunately the problem is that all are being seen as similar breed by many a brands or collaborators and not too much thought is being given to the kind of work that is being produced by each one of them. There are quite a few blogs producing extremely high quality content that inspire me because of their hard work and talent to create some superior high class content which is both soothing to eyes and appealing to aesthetics but my question is – Is it being appreciated that much?? or is it getting lost in this battle of likes and followings?? Have we resorted to the number game? Well for now it remains to be seen who will stay and who will perish.

My effort with my blog has been to take a more creative route and provide visually appealing product that provides inspiration enough to make some kind of difference in your lives. Of course there are no world issues that are being discussed here but I have always maintained that If I could make a difference in even one person’s life through my blog I would have achieved a great deal :-)

Coming to the post I decided to call it Garden of Eden cos I intend to live in peaceful & contented innocence waiting to reap fruits of my hardwork. The huge tree signifies the tree of knowledge and the Rays of Sun falling on me will guide me through my path.

Like I said I have decided to recycle my old wardrobe for this Diwali, so I created this look with an old Black skirt and bodysuit that has been lying with me. I got this Dupatta made and it added the difference to the whole look. I love how Indian jewellery can make you look so pretty so I have tried different looks with different pieces from Maang tikkas to Nose Rings to Maatha Pattis to Statement necklace. You could try any of these this Diwali. And yeah since its Festive & Marriage season I will be posting more of Ethnic looks this week so keep watching this space for more and do not forget to comment on my post here or on my social media platforms. Your comments are always appreciated.

Here’s wishing you all a very Happy & Prosperous Diwali. Hope you like what you see.








FUF Diwali Collage





FUF Diwali Collage 2





Skirt : Vintage Earth, Bodysuit : Forever New (old) , Dupatta (Tailored) , Maathapati : old neckpiece used as maathapatti, Nosering, Necklace : Expressions (Lokhandwala market), Maangtikka : Curio Cottage

Pics : Ushmi kanakia

Hope u liked the pics.. sorry for the long post

Shonima Kaul

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While the Bombay weather does not allow you to wear too many layers of clothes but there is something about the festive season that makes you brave up to the heat and get on with life in best of your fineries.
A couple of my friends have been calling me asking what do I plan to wear for the most awaited Hindu festival – Diwali. After giving it a lot of thought I have decided to recycle my old clothes and figure out some way to wear them in this festive season. For instance I mixed and matched these old Palazzo pants with my Zara slit top that I bought sometime ago. Accessorise it with lots of Oxidised jewellery that is totally on point and in trend these days. Voila I am ready with my Diwali Outfit idea.

I have always attempted to make my work look more interesting by way of a theme or a story so that it doesn’t feel bland. I feel its important to tell a story or be a character or depict a mood to get something interesting out of your pictures otherwise we are all the Peas of the same Pod. This is about the queen of the jungle who is totally at peace with her surroundings and untouched or unscathed by the monstrosities of the Urban life. Trees are her friends and swans are her buddies. She enjoys being one with the nature and does not long for anyone to make her happy. She is happy with her ownself.

40 degree of Mumbai heat makes it almost impossible to get into serene state of mind but thanks to Ushmi for capturing these moments while I kept complaining about the unbearable heat and running off to sit in the cool cool air conditioning of my car that serves as my vanity van. Thank u Ushmi for letting me take my own time and not rushing me through the shoot. U are the sweetest.




Serenity Collage 3


IMG_4590 a

serendipity Collage 2



serendipity Collage 1






Slit Top : Zara, Palazzo : Masaba, Jewellery : Lokhandwala market

Pics : Ushmi Kanakia

Hope you enjoyed the pics.

Lots of Love

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