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Hi friends.. I know it’s been long. Was a little lazy post Diwali celebrations so haven’t been able to write much. Nevertheless here I am to guide you through a stylish winter. In India Winters are yet to show their fierce side. We can feel a little nip in the air but the chill is yet to set in. However I hear that in some parts of the world it’s become really cold so how are you all coping up?¬†Winters are awesome till the time they decide to be really cruel that’s when you wish for some sunshine.
What I love the most about Winters is the fashion. Coats, jackets, sweaters, scarves, caps, gloves are not to make you look dowdy but fashionably chic to brave up to that stingy weather outside. So even if it’s cold outside that’s no reason to dress up like a grandma. C’mon girls this is the best time when you don’t need to worry about those bulges cos they will be well hidden under these layers of clothes. For that particular reason I am loving the Oversized sweater or Boyfriend sweater trend that’s being seen this year. I mean they are a savior for people who just want to hide that lard (me included) and yet look stylish. That’s like killing two birds with one stone. Bingo!! Comfortable and high on style so yeah Girls another thing to steal from your Boyfriends!!
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Again Oversized sweaters are not something new, the trend has been around and is just making a comeback. I first remember seeingthis kind of sweater on Sridevi in the movie Chandni. Late Yash Chopra known for making his leading ladies look stylish had sparked off that trend in early 90′s and I remember pestering my grandma to knit one for me & then a similar request was made to my mother so I had two !! I used to happily wear them to school even though they weren’t conforming to the standard uniform code but who cared back then. I felt like Sridevi in Chandni….Yeah I know I am filmy…lol.

Coming back to modern times the trend is back but obviously is more refined as per today’s fashion. After many years I spotted one my favorite Stylish girl Olivia wearing it and I knew I would be getting one for myself this winter.

One has got to be careful while wearing these only because of the silhouette else you might end up looking  too boxy and stout in it (especially if u r short). I have seen people suggesting many ways to wear it but I am not a big fan of different styling options shown by various stylists.
For me this look works really well with something that is skinny in the lower half. It could be leggings with a pair of boots

or with skinny jeans. Style them with a scarf and put on a pair of biker boots and you look comfy, casual yet chic.

Depending on the style of the sweater, wearing a collared shirt inside would be a good idea for a more put together kind of look.

Oversized cardigans are another great option to go with.

For a more formal look pair them with cigarette pants or cropped trousers and pumps or open sandals and you are ready for an evening out with office guys or drinks with friends. Remember to carry a clutch along.

Oversized sweaters also look great with mini skirts, just incase you are not in a mood to cover ur legs and brave up those winters. Remember to wear tights.

Whatever way you decide to wear them just remember, these are a cool way to make you look stylish so that’s what you should strive for :-)

Happy Winters Girlfriends!!


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