Summer & the City

Summer is Callous and it is officially here. In my city the heat is sweltering and its just the beginning of April. I am dreading May & June.
Are you all prepared for it?? Oh yesss you heard it right “Prepared”.
                                                                                                                                              Illustration from Bree Leman

I have a checklist of things for myself. I don’t mind you copying my items so cmon girls let’s go through these together.

1. Sun screen
The most Important must have item for summers. Girls I know I don’t need to even tell you why it is necessary but yes it is. So get yours asap.

I have tried a lot of sun screens and I used to hate putting anything on my skin cos it would make me so oily. After many trials and errors I found my favorite – Bioderma  Photoderm AKN Matt SPF 30. That is because it suits my combination skin and doesn’t leave it greasy at all. It was recommended by my dermatologist so yes it is doctor approved too :-)

Similarly find something most suitable for your skin

2. Shades
As important as it is to increase your style quotient , it is also important to save you eyes from the harmful UV Rays. Aviators are my favorites but Summers is all about bright colors so go look for some funky shades. Also refer to my post Turn Up the heat this Summer
My Favorite these days are my Dolce & Gabbana Aviators

3. Summer Hats
They are a style statement. Pair them with nice shades and a maxi dress and they make u look so mysterious. The bigger the better. I also like Fedoras

4. Umbrellas
I remember in my childhood I would see my mom carrying an Umbrella in the sun and I used to wonder what’s with her. I would get embarrassed cos hello Umbrella is synonymous to Rains and where is it Raining?? Many years and many skin related mishaps later I realised the importance of my mom’s advise. Ofcourse they didn’t know about sun screens and all in those days and this happened to be the most effective way to save themselves from the harsh Sun. It is the best way now too :-)

5. Flip Flops
Well, I am not a girl usually seen in flats and my friends would vouch for me but flip flops are my best friends when it comes to being comfortable & casual. I love them so much that at one point I went berserk collecting them. They look cute with shorts and dresses.  I feel Abercrombie & Fitch have the cutest flip flops but you can find them anywhere else. They could be rubber or leather. Whatever they are, ensure they are comfortable and don’t cut in your skin.

6. Cutsey flat sandals
I am not a gladiator girl. Not because I don’t like them but mainly because I feel they do not look good on me. Personally I feel they are more suited for girls with long legs so definitely not me :-(
But if they suit you then yes a pair of gladiator is something you must have or if you fall in my category then there are some really cute flats available in the market. Like u all know by now Steve Maddens are my favorite.

7. Shorts
Oh these are my staples. Denims are definitely a must have but this season go for printed ones or bright colors like pinks and greens. You can get printed ones from Zara
In my opinion no one does shorts like Abercrombie & Fitch or Hollister.  American Eagle is my other favorite.

8. Jumpsuits / Rompers
These are my favorite favorite wear for summers. Infact last summer I picked up so many of these that I didn’t even finish wearing them. I find them so comfortable and stylish plus they are available in so many colors and styles. The long ones you can wear in the evenings and the short ones are so cute for afternoons. Pair them with flip flops or sandals and u are good to go.
Bebe always keeps some awesome collection of jumpsuits and so does Promod.

9. Swimsuits
Ah, now wouldn’t you want to jump in the pool on those really sunny days. I would and therefore Swim suits are essentials during summers. I do not have a bikini body so I am a one piece swimsuit girl.
I love Adidas swimwear. They have some good styles

10. Whites
White is my favorite color and in summers it becomes my Go To Color. What better than a white shirt  with shorts or a white dress with flip flops in a sweltering summer heat. Zara is my favorite for whites

11. Floral dresses
Don’t these short dresses look cute. I also loved Kangana’s short floral dress that I have pinned on my Pin – Up board. Super cute

12. Body Mists
Well, its summer and you tend to sweat so keep a Body Mist handy in your handbag at all the times
My favorite is Victoria Secrets PINK range. They are also available in small handy bottles that you can carry around and they have various fragrances.

13. Bronzers
Who doesen’t want a sun kissed look. Summers are here so get all those bronzers and illuminators out and glow in burnished bronzes. ( I will do a separate post on bronzing soon)

14. Some bit of Exercise.
Exercise is a must for any season particularly when we are approaching summers otherwise how do you fit into those shorts and dresses and swim suits so come on girls this is the time to perfectly tone those pins and flaunt them.

15. And last but not the least lots n lots n lots of Water
Keep yourself hydrated at all the times. Drink as much water as possible through the summers and otherwise also. Nothing works well for our body than plain water. 3 Liters is a must. I tend to  forget some times but you will always always see me  with a bottle of water in my hand. I can not even begin to explain the advantages of drinking water. For now let me just say healthy glowing Skin!!

So if you are prepared with all these things in my checklist what stops you from looking super sexy this summer.
Happy Summers girls :-)


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