Summer Staple !!

Summer is here at its scorching best and we are getting fried in this weather.  While I look at the way some of the celebs are dressed for summer it makes me think of what is that one piece of garment that you wouldn’t want to live without in this burning weather – I would call it a Summer Staple. Something that would be your off duty style. It has nothing to do with trends. it’s just who you are. Something that captures max closet space in your wardrobe & something that you can live your whole life in… So girls, What is your Summer Staple??
Ok I will tell you mine –  it has to be Shorts. I have been living in shorts like forever and I can live in them forever. Well, I know at some point I will have to give up wearing them when the cellulite attacks but till then who cares ?? Fortunately ( it’s just a blessing in disguise) Mumbai weather allows you to wear shorts almost 10 months in a year so that way it kind of suits me. I have them in almost all the colors and they occupy a decent portion in my closet. If they fit me well they are mine. I have many a times got that “Grow uuuup ” look from my husband when we are in a shop but at that moment you just look to the other side and do what you gotta do.. “Pick up those shorts for instance”..Even if I go anywhere on a vacation, I carry at least 10 -15 pairs with me (this is inspite of me knowing that I will pick up atleast 10 more during my shopping expeditions ) cos it’s easy to slip into those and they are so damn comfortable.  Just style them the way appropriate for the occasion and you are good to go. That is how much I love shorts.
Just thought of sharing some of my random shorty shorts moments with you.. These may not be Style shots but it is definitely my style :-)

I know many of us have our inhibitions when it comes to wearing shorts because we aren’t confident about our legs. Don’t worry we all have hidden skeletons back there.  But here is a little workout that might help you to tone up those sexy gams and make you feel confident to get into those shorts you have been wanting to get into all summer.

Do you have a summer staple??? Would like to share it with me?? It could be anything for instance white shirts or floral dress or linen pants.. Anything.. Cmon people give me something!!

Happy Summers girls


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