Summer Refreshers!!

I think till the first drop of Rain decides to bestow upon us and cool the blazing Sun that has sapped us out of all kinds of energies, I am gonna start all my posts by saying how hot is it out there. Kindly bear with me on that issue. Some of you could maybe throw yourself into this discussion and we could discuss this warm weather till cows come home OR you could just ignore my ramblings and we just move on. Anyway that’s not the point.
You see I am a Tea Drinker (only Society tea with milk n sugar).. I am not sure if calling myself an “Addict” would be appropriate. It’s a separate issue that my brain needs a stimulator every now and then especially in the morning. It’s also funny that it rejects every other drink  and yes it doesn’t function without the said stimulant but I still won’t classify myself as an Addict. Now I hear that drinking Tea is obviously not the best solution for beating the heat, definitely when you are the one complaining the most about the weather. Also some of my health conscious freaky friends have pretty much convinced me that the bags under my eyes are a result of my drinking all that Tea in the morning & eating all that salt in the night (Phew! how’s a person supposed to live!!) Anyway, I have decided to stay off tea for some time till the time my body can’t take the withdrawals any more & the bags start to disappear.  Or I could reduce and slowly wean myself off it (wishful thinking). We will see how it goes. Meanwhile, I am on a quest to find some cool refreshing drinks that would make me go through these hot summer days like a breeze.
This is precisely why I came across these summer slushes by Cafe Coffee Day. I am a huge fan of their Cold Coffee and these slushes from their BRAIN FREEZE range are delightfully yummy and hard to resist for the Summers.

Iced Eskimo – slush blended coffee drink
Cool Blue – syrupy blue blend on crushed ice
Berg Berry – strawberry sweet cool treat
Green Apple Meltdown – cucumber combined with juicy green Apples

I got an opportunity to taste all of them I would be honest my favorite was the Berg Berry followed by Iced Eskimo. The other two were too syrupy for my taste.  Berg Berry has a strong Strawberry flavor which I like and is quite a refreshing thirst quencher. Iced Eskimo is just an augmentation of their plain cold coffee with loads of ice so after sometime you can only taste Ice. I think with my No Tea resolve which also would include No intake of any kind of caffeine for sometime I could drink these slushes.
Cafe Coffee Day also gave me an opportunity to be their Style Icon for the month and gave me a look based on one of their drinks. The hair and Make up was courtesy Marvie Beck Academy and I am wearing a SuperDry lace dress. The Styling was courtesy Amaze Styling. I was very excited about my “Cool Blue” look. I just wish I had better pictures. Incase I get them will share it with you all. Till then here I am the COOL BLUE STYLE ICON for Cafe Coffee Day :-)
Hair n MakeUp courtesy : Marvie Beck Hair Academy

What are your Summer Refreshers this season. Any suggestions people ??
Also do you like my COOL BLUE look??

Happy Summers


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