Summer Happy skin :-)

What’s with the weather?? Its becoming so unpredictable. Its raining in some parts of India in April and I hear its raining & still cold in some parts of the world. It kind of is scary. Don’t u think so.
Anyways the Summer Sun has started to shine in some parts of the world and its getting sweaty and hot. In my city it is blazing hot.
Time to make a little change in your make up regime as well cos you cannot add a lot on your face else it will block your pores leading to acne.Number 1 rule : nothing heavy on your face and keep ur face make up free as much as possible. Let the skin breathe. At other times keep it light.
Keeping it moisturised
Keeping your skin moisturized at all times is essential. It delays the process of aging. I used to hate putting anything on my face anytime because it used to make my face oily and greasy especially in summers till I found the right products and now my skin is Summer happy.

Yes, you do need to make some changes in your routine based on the climate for eg. I switched over to Gel moisturisers. These are water based and are very light weight & absolutely non greasy. I learnt it after much trial and error and tried some fab products till I zeroed down on my favorites and would love to share them with you.
My friend introduced me to this product from The Face shop called E’thym and I must say that I totally love it. I use a very small quantity and it is so light that it kind of disappears into the skin in some time. That’s the beauty of gel moisturisers,

This I must say is another fab product from Clinique. Its called the moisture surge extended thirst relief
It is again so light that you do not feel like you have anything on ur face

These cost in the range of $50 – $60

But if you have the money and the heart to spend then I would definitely want you to spend on either of the 2 products mentioned below

La Mer Moisturizing gel – $300 approx

La Praire Skin Caviar – $390

I know I know it is crazily insane and outrageous to expect to spend that much on a face cream but believe you me I have tried both these products and they are ah-mazing. They are so light and so moisturising. It is like applying softest silk to your face. You just need very small quantity and the bottle will last you for a year.
Anyway whichever product you buy just buy gel based for summer. They work the best for oily and combination skins.
I believe even the H2O Gel moisturiser & Jo Malone Vitamin E gel creams are awesome.

Another moisturiser I would want to recommend is a heavy cream based one. It is best to carry along with you to places where you know that the skin will become very dry especially in long haul flights. It is also one of the best products for winters.
It has won some of the best beauty product awards and is a favorite of many. It is the Elizabeth Arden 8 hour cream. But mind you it is not for summers cos it is very heavy for your skin unless you have a very dry skin.

I read somewhere that this product was originally invented to soothe the irritated skin of race horses. It was applied on their shanks , so you can get an idea as to how moisturising it is. It contains 56% vaseline so it is thick and greasy but works wonders for your skin especially chapped knees, elbows or ankles. Do Not use if you have an extremely oily skin.
A lot of famous make up professionals use it on the eyelids or on the eyelashes to give a little shine

So these were some of my favorite moisturizers.

Building a strong FOUNDATION

For summers the best thing is to switch over to Tinted moisturisers. This also eradicates the step of using a regular moisturiser. It combines the benefits of foundation and moisturizer. More sheer and “breathable” than traditional foundation.  Tinted moisturizers offer a middle ground for those who dislike thick makeup but still want a hint of coverage, and they have become popular because of their light feel and natural look. Like foundation and moisturizer, tinted moisturizer can be used as a base for other cosmetics, but I   choose to wear the product alone, especially during the summer months.

Depending on your skin tone, choose the color best suited for you and try it on this summer. I have used a couple of them but the 2 I would recommend will be:

Elizabeth Arden Sheer lights Illuminating tinted moisturiser
I am not sure whether it is still available cos I bought it sometime ago but it is the best I have used. I had kind of lost it in my pile of make up but rediscovered it yet again this summer. Its such a beautiful texture and spreads so easily on your skin. Let it settle for a few minutes and your skin will appear smooth.

The other one you must try is Laura Mercier Tinted moisturiser. It is a bit pricey but it is worth every penny spent. Lightweight and so easy to spread. I am out of it currently but waiting to get my hands on it soon in my next shopping trip.

Girls, mind you these are sheer formulas that means you will not get full coverage like a traditional foundation but they are good for day wear in summers. If you looking for a good amount of coverage then go with a moisturiser + foundation routine.

What you could do especially for the Nights is use a gel moisturiser and then use a very light sheer or medium coverage foundation. The rule is simple. Keep it light so look for water based light weight foundations. Liquid foundations are the best for summers.
Whilst on one of my beauty shopping research I went looking for a tinted moisturiser and wanted to try clinique but after looking at my skin (I have a little redness & slight pigmentation) they recommended me this product which I must say works very well for me. So on some summer days I use my moisturiser and top it up with Clinique’s Anti Blemish liquid foundation.

The other foundation that I use a lot especially at nights is Make Up Forever Liquid lift. Again I went to buy their sheer foundation but I am glad they recommended me this one cos it gives me just the right bit of coverage and it is extremely light weight. Give it some time and it kind of disappears in the skin.

And on some special days I use one of my favorite foundations called Lancome Teint Miracle. It is superb. Again a bit pricey but worth it. It has a beautiful texture and doesn’t feel like you are wearing anything much on your skin.

One other product worth a mention is Diorskin Eclat Satin foundation. It is not water based but a cream based product but it is so cool that true to the name it does give you a satin finish. You can try using it for those special occasions

My Tip : Try mixing 2 shades incase you are not very happy with the color of your foundation but for summers try one shade darker than your skin tone to get a faux tanned look :-)
My Makeup forever foundation is a shade darker so sometime I wear it like that and at other times I mix it with a lighter foundation. So I would suggest everyone to have at least 2-3 foundations cos every skin color may not be right out of the bottle. You can also mix heavy and light for a good balance. I do that all the time.

How to choose your foundation?
The foundations I have listed are mostly for combination skin but depending on your skin type you can make a choice. If you have very oily skin, you could try powders cos they soak up the oil or try a more matte , oil free liquid foundation. I believe Revlon color stay is a very good foundation. Also Mac powder and Makeup Forever HD Foundation is very good.
If you have dry skin go for very dewy finish which is kind of oily and gives your skin some shine
Dewy foundations are also recommended for aging skin as the skin tends to get drier with age.

How to choose your color?
Go to the makeup store with no foundation on and apply 3 different foundations to your jawline. See which one blends in the best. If needed, custom mix two different colors to get your perfect shade. You have to give your foundation 10 -15 minutes to blend in your skin so never buy a foundation in a hurry if you buying the 1st time. Try on a sample. Take a walk in the mall. Check it in the natural light and then take a decision. If you are unsure come back home and ask your friends or family. But mostly the department stores are able to help you chose your color.

Best tool to apply a foundation
Apply with a foundation brush but if you aren’t comfortable use your hands :-)
But the best product that has taken the make up industry by storm is the Beauty Blender sponge. Try getting it. It works the best

So girls in the summer time when the weather is fine give you skin some shine but don’t make it whine
Euuuughh corny !! hahaha.

Have fun girls and tell me how did you like my suggestions and please please give me yours. I would luv luv luv to hear from you all.

Have a superrrr day, Stay beautiful & knock them dead :-)


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