Summer coolers!!

Hiya people… I know long time no see.. what to do.. this summer is killing me. I think my brains have stopped functioning with this heat stroke.. I am waiting for the rains and though the city becomes a living hell during monsoons (with BMC waaayyyyy behind schedule yet again to take care of the potholes ) at least there is a bit of respite from this scorching Sun. Oh , I believe its mayhem up North with temperatures close to half the boiling point. Stay safe people.For my summer essentials Read  Summer & the City

I just thought will give you a sneak peak into the summer trends and let you know how to stay cool in this hot hot weather.. Some of the trends I love, some I am absolutely wary about and some I might give a shot depending on how much I am in a mood to experiment.. So here we go, I would like to call them “SUMMER COOLERS”
1. “Denim” is the word
Shorts are a summer essential but this season it’s all about the blue denim ones. Wear them crocheted, studded , starred , polka dotted or distressed they are your ultimate style staple for summers so go buy them right away
2.  It’s all about the “back”

Backless, Deep cuts, cut outs are the way to show you sexy toned backs this summer. The most sexy way to show off yet stay covered.

3. Off the shoulder
Baring those shoulders either subtly or wearing an off shoulder is the best way to beat the heat. I love the subtle part.. more sexy what do u think??

4. Maxed out
Maxi skirts or Maxis.. just go with the flow. easy, breezy and summer chic

5. Give your skinnies some rest
Summers definitely not the time to wear anything clingy. For God’s sake you will strip off your skin while removing those skinny jeans.. Give them some rest and embrace looser, flowy pants like palazzos or straight ones


6. Dare to wear sheer
Ok I am slightly wary about the trend because the only way i can wear it is with some layers inside & it’s too hot to wear one thing so layering.. no thank u….hmmm way too complicated.. what do you think??

However I do not mind wearing sheer like Jennifer lawrence wears it in this dress.. Sexy!!

7. Cropped Tops

Ok I need to spend a second on this one. This trend which is very 90s is back with a vengeance but whyyyy???? I was wary of it then I am wary of it now.. Oh C’mon we are not Giseles or Doutzens, We are human and we are errrr “healthy” especially in the mid section. The other day I went to Forever 21 (which has recently opened in my city) and all I could see were cropped tops!! who is wearing them??
Ok jokes aside one of the 90s trend which is back with a bang and if you are one of those girls who is young, toned and possess wash board abs, its the coolest trend to embrace.. For others like me, steer away and don’t even try :-)

I  have observed these trends and I like most of them.. Which ones do you think are the best and which ones will you stay away from.. Let me know

Take care, Stay safe
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Happy Summers


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