Style Shots – UTOPIA!!

Utopia FUF 0

UTOPIA lies at the horizon. When I draw nearer by two steps. It retreats two steps. If I proceed ten steps forward, it swiftly slips ten steps ahead. No matter how far I go. I can never reach it. What then is the purpose of UTOPIA?
It is to cause us to Advance.

Don’t we all want to live in a Utopian world where everything is just perfect. Where there are no worries, no care, no pain ,no regrets, no mistakes. Where your mind is free and your imagination is wild. Where your heart is running aflutter and your dreams are boundless. We all have that imaginary place where we want to be. There is no harm living in Utopia as long as it is motivating and induces action.

This shoot was rather difficult because I had to be at the location at the crack of dawn to capture the light and also avoid the plethora of onlookers we somehow seem to attract all the time. However it didn’t go the way we anticipated and had to wait for the Sun to shine a little more. Imagine walking on those mossy rocks trying very hard not to slip and also lugging the load of those yards of garment I was wearing. All the twirling, jumping, sweating posing sapped me out of my energy. Some 100s of pics were taken to get the right shot while trying very hard not to frown at the camera. A huge shoutout to Ushmi for bearing with me and understanding what I wanted to achieve through her lens & also being my hand holder while walking on those rocks.

You would have seen sightings of this dress on my Facebook page and Instagram but I wanted to do complete justice to this layers of beautiful fabric.

Through this post I have tried to create my UTOPIAN dream where I have the power to rule this world. Hope you guys like what you see :-)
Utopia FUF 0

Utopia FUF 1

Utopia FUF 2

Utopia FUF 3

Utopia FUF 5

Utopia FUF 4

Utopia FUF 7

Utopia FUF 8

Utopia FUF 9

Utopia FUF 10

Utopia FUF 11

Utopia FUF 12

Utopia FUF 13

Utopia FUF 14

Utopia FUF 15

Dress : Flames from Goodearth

Pics by : Ushmi Kanakia

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Stay beautiful
Shonima Kaul

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