Style Shots – Under Construction !!

underconstruction cover

“The best of me is yet to come.. I am still Under Construction”
That’s what I constantly keep telling myself to keep me motivated to do better in life. It helps me to keep pushing myself and think beyond the ordinary. Sometimes I fail but most often I am able to deliver better.

underconstruction cover

I gave up a decent career in media to pursue something I was passionate about. I accidentally stumbled upon Fashion Blogging and decided to make it my full time job. The road has not been easy and it does throw up challenges every once in a while. I am often caught wondering if I actually am making any difference through my work. How to make my content original & interesting because I see a plethora of blogs doing the same thing and probably doing it better. How do I make my opinion count. Well, does it even count??
These thoughts pretty much have made a small cozy home in my brain and therefore I am constantly struggling to find ways and means to reach out more effectively. There are new ideas brimming and many a times shot down by me in a quest to find a better one. In the end I realise that the Road to success is always Under – construction.

Here I wanted to switch up things and fuse 2 of the biggest trends – Palazzo pants and a long cape to create an Indo Western style. With festive season right upon us, I thought you girls might need some ideas to re -look at your wardrobe and mix n match some things to create something stylish.

PS : A big thank you to my brother Saawant Kaul for helping me with the location of this shoot.. It was definitely not an easy task to shoot amongst all the workers & rubble scattered all over. Safety is one of the biggest issues when it comes to an Under construction site but the people out there were the kindest to help us move around and extremely cautious when it came to safety norms. In the end it was all worth the effort. Hope you like it :-)
















Long cape top : Missa More (available currently), Palazzos : Priyadarshini Rao, Earrings , Ring : Expression in Lokhandwala market, Clutch : Thrifted from Janpath Delhi
Pics : Ushmi Kanakia

Stay Stylish
Shonima Kaul

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One thought on “Style Shots – Under Construction !!”

  1. Stunningly gorgeous!! Have a thing for prints and absolutely loved this one…and you take it to another level when you wear are good..
    And hey! “….if it makes me happy; then why are you so sa-a-ad …”. Who cares what counts? You know the saying? ” The problem with winning a rat race; is that you are still a rat “. Good you stepped out ;)
    Do what you love. :**

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