Style Shots – Summer Whites!!


It’s Summer. Real Summer & It’s just April. I am already dreading the coming months. Everywhere I go people have a common topic to bond over – how hot is it getting out there! It’s a good thing because sometimes I am at a complete loss on topics to talk about so at least the soaring temperatures are proving to be an Ice breaker. While all that is fine for the cause of conversation ,the heat is actually getting on to me.
I thought I will list down a few things I like to do during Summers to keep myself cool.
- Taking cold showers at least 3-4 times in a day. Yes I do that !!
- Eating cold cold very cold Watermelon
- Shorts are my BFF
- Go to a resort & Jump in the pool
- Sip on vegetable juices
- Pray that rains arrives real sooooon
- I also increase my cardio workout during summers. All that extra sweating helps :-)
- And Most importantly I stack up on Whites in my Wardrobe. My best friend says I look awful in Whites but that’s one of the many times I refuse to listen to him. I mean who cares as long as it keeps me cool & sane in this weather.
I decided to go for an all white look breaking the monotony with these cool Mirrored Aviators from RayBan. What do you think about a White on White look??



DSC_0059 ed

DSC_0226 ED

DSC_0215 ed

DSC_0195 ed


DSC_0249 ed

DSC_0094 ed

DSC_0268 ed


DSC_0286 ED

DSC_0314 ed

Skirt & Top : Zara , Sunglasses : Rayban S/S’15 , Shoes : Aldo S/S’15

Happy Summers!!
Shonima Kaul

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