Style Shots – Summer by the Pool!!


For quite sometime now I have been trying to figure out what’s been wrong with me. I have been feeling dizzy, lethargic and absolutely sapped out of energy. I even contemplated going to the doctors and getting a complete check up done only to be dissuaded by my friends saying its all because of the weather. I was in absolute mood to disregard their “Blame it on weather” theory till I read the other day in papers that we are facing the world’s 5th deadliest heat wave and 2nd deadliest in India. No wonder everything is moving at such a slow pace in my world.

While it is almost perilous to step out in the Sun , the only way to fight it would be to befriend it.. Like I had mentioned in one of my posts earlier that one of the things I love doing in summers is going to a resort and jumping in the cool blue water. That’s exactly what I did.
The weather also demands that we keep ourselves well protected from the damaging UV rays so a Sunscreen is an absolute must girls. I also recommend staying away from all the heavy foundations. Instead switch over to a BB cream. It’s much lighter on your skin and provides that extra SPF protection.
I created my poolside look for this summer using PONDS BB Cream & a hint of Bronzer aiming to look as beautiful & sun kissed as Jennifer Aniston. Just kidding!! It obviously doesn’t provide you with full coverage but it is good enough to NOT make your face feel naked. I had it on for quite sometime while chilling by the pool on this hot summer day & it helped me get through the day with ease.
Do you guys use BB Creams?? What do you think about them?




Marriott Collage
















Swimwear : Nautica, Shirt: Zara, Bag : Michael KORS Marina, Wedges : Michael Kors, Watch: Michael Kors, Sunglasses : Dolce & Gabbana, Necklace: Zara, Hat: F21, Shorts : Holister

Pics by : Ushmi

Stay Safe & drink lots of water
Shonima Kaul

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