Style Shots – Shades of grey

Hi everyone, FUF completes 100 days today and it has been a great experience for me to put together all the articles and share my limited knowledge with all of you out there. It has been my sincere effort to provide you all with as much information as possible and in the best possible manner. One of the disadvantages of being a perfectionist is that I fret over smallest of details so sometimes the posts tend to get long but that’s how I am and I seriously hope that I have been able to help in whatever small way to make a difference.
Its my endeavor to bring something new & interesting to the blog once in a while to break the monotony be it Pin Ups or LOTW and the more recent FuFie of the month, so I thought it would be fun to add a new section on this occasion that showcases my own personal style. I’d like to call it Style Shots. 
I have written about a lot of trends that I am following so will try and show how I have incorporated them in my style. I am most comfortable in shorts therefore you will see a lot of them and my shoes which I luuuuv.  Besides that will give you a peek into other stuff in my closet. Nice na.
Hope you enjoy it.Summers are here & what better than White, so decided to wear this for a nice Sunday lunch with my friends.

And these are the grey Steve Madden Cap Toes which I was talking about in my post on Cap Toes. Aren’t these a YSL look alike. Infact lead my husband to believe that they were YSLs and let him fret for a while. Wicked haan ;-)

Knit Top : Zara, Shorts : Abercrombie & Fitch, Shoes : Steve Madden Beauty,  Bag : Dolce&Gabbana
Pics by Sawant Kaul.. can’t thank u enough Sam

The idea is once again to bring realism and show you that life is not picture perfect, it does have shades of grey :-)
Let me know how you feel about this new section and yeah the next FuFie of the month is coming soon. Keep reading FUF

Lots of Love

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21 thoughts on “Style Shots – Shades of grey”

  1. Awesome, your blogs have definitely been very helpful for people who are particular about fashion and also to people who arent. I believe lot manier times people are stuck how to dress, what combo to use, and the list is endless, there are so many things that one can use to add spice to their look, but it is all about right combination for the right occassion, FUF has been very instrumental not only in helping but also updating on latest trends in fashion.

    Keep up the good work and congrats on 100 days.. we need more such blogs.

  2. I hope we get to see the style shot section more often . It’s great to see a blogger incorporating the style and the trends that you write about in your personal style.

  3. It seems you write from the heart as every article of yours has a personal touch and you write what you believe in . I am sure this will be evident in style shots also which will showcase your personal style. Looking forward to more of it:

  4. Loved this section. Have been a huge fan of your blog and was hoping to see your own personal style apart from the useful articles that you write. If it wouldn’t have been now, I was surely going to ask you to write something on your personal style: Thanks

  5. What a way to celebrate 100 days of such a stylish blog, showcasing your own personal style. Great feature, perfect timing.btw,congrats on completing 100 days.

  6. I have been reading your blog from the very beginning and love every bit of it. Its great to know that the woman behind this all is as stylish and trendy as the articles that she writes. Good job..

  7. The best thing about the articles that you write and the personal style that you have showcased is that they are very very stylish and yet very adaptable, nothing over the top or quirky. Something that everybody can relate to and achieve.Congrats on completing 100 days and wishing you success for the future.

  8. wow 100 days… seems like i’m hooked to FUF for ages. love the blogs and the simple to follow tips. thank you so much and look forward to more.

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