Style Shots – Pocket full of Sunshine!!


I will be honest I hardly ever hit the beach in my city. Mainly because it’s very crowded all the time and also its extremely hot.  In a city like Mumbai of course there is plenty of Sun all the time.. so much that you will get burnt. It’s kind of not even possible to step out sometimes so we end up spending most of our times in Airconditioned surroundings. The other day one of my friend was telling me how important it is for us to absorb some sunshine for that Vitamin D which we all are so deficient of. Made sense. The best time to soak up some Sun is early in the morning. I decided to hit the beach early morning and soak up a pocket full of Sunshine. Any more and I would have been roasted.
I fell in love with this dress from Roxy. Perfect for the summers. I wore it to the beach to add some color to my dull morning but I am already thinking of ways to style it differently should I decide to go out in the evening. Should I do that, promise to give you a glimpse of that. Love the splash of colors. Very bright, Very Summery, Very cool. What do you guys think of my beachy look?? U like??

Dress : Roxy (currently available) , Sandals : Roxy (currently available), Hat ; Roxy (currently available), Watch : Roxy (currently availbale),  Sunglasses : Emporio Armani

Photographs : Dhanika Choksi

Happy Summers


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