Style Shots – Old meets New!!


Hey Girls.. Remember I was telling you about a hand – me – down choker which my mom gave me a few years ago in my Future Heirlooms story.
Ok now I might have made it sound like some Blue Blooded ancestral heirloom piece but in reality its just a humble small piece of jewelry passed on to me by mom with lots n lots of love and blessings which was passed to her by her mom with equal amount of love. Its been a part of my family for more than 50 years and I wear it with lot of pride so yeah it is very very special to me. I have always loved wearing chokers. I am not too sure why but when it comes to a neckpiece I am always drawn to a choker. My mom saw that and she just decided to gift me her most cherished piece on one of my birthdays. What I love is that despite it being more than 50 years old I can still style it with my modern ensembles. I love this concoction of Old & New. I wore it the other day to some place and just clicked a few quick pictures to share with you all.
Is it me or Does anything & everything in Red look Hot :-)







Do you have any such hand me down pieces that you cherish and wear them with love even today.

Shirt : Mango, Skort: Zara, Shoes : Christian Louboutin

Stay stylish

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