Style Shots – MONOCROP!!


Crop Tops – Love ‘em , Hate ‘em but you just can not ignore them. They are everywhere these days. Every time I see them I wonder when will I ever be able to wear those. I guess not till I swear myself off all the gluttony and devote some serious time in the gym. C’mon those Abs require some serious serious amount of dedication and hardwork. I figured till I reach there (which is Never) I need to find some other way to work around this trend that I have come to love and hate at the same time.

Now unless you have the Abs of Miley Cyrus you might balk at the idea of wearing a crop top. However there are more approachable ways incase you want to try out the trend. One of it would be pairing your top with a high waisted trousers or skirt and showing a sliver of your skin for the effect. Inorder to feel more comfortable you throw in a jacket on top.

For the faint at heart try out the trend with a crisp button down shirt underneath your top and pair it with a bottom of your choice. Voila! you have a different take on the trend that isn’t bad either. What say??

Crop top : F21, Shirt : Brooks Brothers, Skort : Zara, Shoes : Dolce & Gabbana


Photos by : Dhanika Choksi

Crop Tops are here to stay this summer so keep on crunching!!!

Happy Spring / Summer

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