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A lot of people ask me what is it that I do. I simply tell them I am trying to make this world a more stylish & beautiful place. The more I convert the happier I will be.  I actually live by one of Coco Chanel’s quote – “My life didn’t please me so I created my life.” That’s what I did. I gave up my conventional boring corporate job and decided to pursue something I believed in. I created a space where I could speak to women who are looking for some inspiration and motivation in terms of fashion, style or just otherwise. I firmly believe that there is just one life and you got to give it your best. It won’t come back and the time is too precious to be wasted on a single person or a single thing or be boring. So go ahead and live yours. Do Not just plain Exist. And while you are doing that just take care of yourself and keep looking like a million bucks. A whole lot of people ask me what’s my secret. Well,  I follow some very simple rules when it comes to style :

1. Exercise – Your body & health is meant to be taken care of. Do NOT abuse it. If you exercise I promise you will feel a lot better & confident about yourself. A great & healthy body is my first & foremost rule of any style statement. Its non – negotiable.

2. Feed yourself - I know its not a style rule but it is related to rule number 1. Remember you cannot achieve a great body without proper nutrition. Do NOT and I really mean it Do NOT ever skip meals or go on a crash diet. It might give you immediate results but it will cause you a lot of damage in the long run. You will suddenly age faster and develop some illness. so please please please provide your body with nutrition. Also skinny is not happening. You need curves that’s why God made us like that. Having said that just watch what you eat. And what the hell Do Indulge yourself but  in moderation.

3. Fashion is not frivolous - It’s meant to have fun with. Find your own style and develop it. I hate when people say “oh I don’t have much time for all this I have a life you know”. Yeah girl no one is stopping you from leading your life but do you really want to continue living it like a potato sack. I mean there is no such rule that you can’t lead your life looking gorgeous. Maybe it might just help you a little more.

4. Make Up is essential – Make Up doesn’t mean layering your face with tons of stuff. Experiment with it. Master the no – make up look. It works well everywhere or just surprise everyone once in a while with a bold lip color.
5. Accessorise – I have to tell you that I learnt it too late in life but once you learn the power of accessorizing, you could just change the whole look of an outfit.

6. Be a 6 Inch walker : The sexiest thing in any woman’s closet are a pair of heels. Wear them and you can never ever go wrong. I know they can be uncomfortable but find a way to live with it.

7. Scent of a woman : There can’t be a bigger turn off than a bad body odor so if you don’t want people running away from you ensure you have stocked up up your perfume closet.

8. Be comfortable in your skin : Look at yourself in the mirror and keep repeating  “I am the best” cos that’s what you are. We have all been created differently so someone will have something better than you and vice versa. The real challenge is to find your strengths and accentuate them. Play with your style and you will find one that suits you the most. Always remember Confidence is the best accessory a woman can wear.

9. KISS - Keep it Simple Stupid. Less is always more!!

Life is beautiful and you can make it more beautiful by looking even more sexy & gorgeous. Your only competition should be with your own self. So always strive to outdo your ownself. That’s my secret :-)

Dress : Forever21, Clutch : Ted Baker, Heels : Steve Madden, Belt : LV

Lots of love & Stay Inspired Always


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