Style Shots – HongKong Diary!!

Hi guys.. I am back from my blink and miss vacation to the Amazing HongKong but it was totally worth it.  Just thought would take you through my HongKong Diary.


What strikes you as soon as you are in the city is the very beautiful skyline of HongKong and you just can’t stop taking pictures. I must have taken 100s of them – some of the skyline, some in the background, some in the morning some in the night but I obviously couldn’t do any justice even after going berserk.
I was staying in the heart of Kowloon in Tsim Sha Tsui and the view from my hotel room was absolutely breathtaking.





HongKong is a shoppers paradise and you just cannot miss the buzz. There are hundreds of people on the road yet there is so much order in that chaos. The city is a concrete jungle just like Manhattan and at many places it reminds you of New York. The architecture is both old and new. It’s a combination of British colonial era mixed with Old chinese culture and at some places you see the new superpower China.




I needn’t tell you that all I did was eat , shop and walk. Yup I walked a lot. Needless to say that heels were not an option at all :-( . It’s so much fun to walk on the streets, absorb the whole city and explore the street markets. The public transport is so so convenient and is pretty much the lifeline of the city. There are a whole lot of eating options especially if you love Sea food but for vegetarians the options are pretty limited.



Honkong has the 4th tallest building in the world called ICC Tower and the view from the top is spectacular. I recommend going around Sunset cos that’s when it is the most beautiful time to watch the city and take pictures. So you can shop in the ICC mall through the day and then go on the top and enjoy the breathtaking view from their restaurant called – VISTA












The ferry ride is the best way to cross from Kowloon to Hongkong city and you get to enjoy the breeze and the skyline. You can opt for taxis, trams, buses to move around in the city.


IFC Mall was one of my favorite spots. Its extremely beautiful and worth a visit. You can’t escape shopping in HongKong. The brands follow you wherever you go :-)

HonKong by the night is beautiful with some roadside cafes, bars and restaurants playing live music..
One of the must visit places is Lan Kwai Fong. It’s like the most happening party streets of HonKong especially on a weekend with people dancing on the streets.

The night market is a must visit just for fun sake. I picked up small items for gifting and some really cool junk jewelry.


Language is a huge problem in HongKong,  Vegetarians might feel the pinch in term of options and yeah be prepared for huge crowds. Other than that HongKong is an amazing destination for 4-5 days.
Those were my 5 days in that city.. Nope I didn’t go to Disneyland.. I am not that kind of a girl :-)
Hope you enjoyed.
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