Style Shots – Green Backpack!!


I have always loved Backpacks err correction I have always loved those sexy looking backpacks (not the ugly looking jansport ones). I think some backpacks look extremely cool if you know how to work them with your outfit otherwise you could run the risk of looking like a schoolgirl or a tourist. Now which one would be better I leave it up to you guys to figure.
The thing about Backpacks is that you could carry a whole lot of stuff which we girls love to do like an extra pair of flats, a camera , maybe an Ipad, some Make up blah blah blah and not worry about dislocating our shoulder. On the other hand it does seem a little inconvenient to take out stuff from it everytime you need something fast. With a Backpack you have to take it off your shoulder.. unclasp it.. dig deep and find the thing. It could get irritating after a while like with this white one I bought recently. 2 sides to a coin. It’s a debate that has been going on for a longtime – To Backpack or Not?!?!?!

As far as I am concerned I am neither for nor against. It really depends on my mood & the outfit. Recently I have found these hybrid versions which are like Backpack meets handbags sort of things and make them more wearable without looking like a school girl / tourist. For eg. this one has a cute handle to hold it like a handbag or you could just throw it over your shoulder and be handsfree.

What do you think??? Are you a Backpack girl?? Or would you rather use a handbag??












Romper : Zara, Bodychain : F21, Sandals : Wild ones, Backpack : thrifted from Shanghai streets.

Pics by : Stashia D’souza

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