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If you have been following my blog for a while you would know I have a special place in my heart & in my wardrobe for Jumpsuits. I feel they are both convenient & classy to wear at the same time. Precisely the reason I could not let this White thingy keep hanging in the store. I loved its cut , fall , styling and particularly the fact that it was White which is what I needed in this super crazy humid Mumbai weather. I also have a thing for open backs. I find them very sexy. With so many reasons to buy why think twice??
Since I got a white canvas to work with I played around with these beautiful Golden pieces (courtesy & Waman Hari Pethe Jewelers) to accentuate my elegant outfit. How gorgeous is this Ruby studded Gold necklace and I am delighted the way it lifts the whole look. The beautiful Kundan carved in Gold gives it a very regal look and also makes it versatile piece to wear with any outfit. I stacked up the Gold Bangles for that additional drama which perfectly compliments my neckpiece.
I have to say that I have re discovered my love for Gold and am super impressed with the beautiful intricate craftsmanship our Indian heritage provides us. We always think that such pieces would only look great with an Indian outfit but with the right styling they add spunk to your Western Outfits and who says you need to wear just Indian this Diwali. How about shaking up the norms and innovating a little so that you end up looking different from the crowd??
What do you think would you wear this look this festive season???














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