Style Shots – Flower Child!!

flowerchild FUF 1

She is a Flower child, A dreamer , A girl in love. She loves all things beautiful. She loves with all her heart. She dances in oblivion & laughs with abandon. She is reckless, she is uninhibited and she is a free spirit.
If you come closer you will see the pain but from far you see no signs of disdain. She was born wild and curious and she is definitely flawed. She still shows streak of innocence so beware you might just fall. The world may try to put her down but she manages to rise above all. She is a Flower Child

flowerchild FUF 1

flowerchild FUF 6

flowerchild FUF 9

flowerchild FUF 16

flowerchild FUF 2

flowerchild FUF 8

flowerchild FUF 5

flowerchild FUF 13

flowerchild FUF 3

flowerchild FUF 4

flowerchild FUF 12

flowerchild FUF 14

flowerchild FUF 15

flowerchild FUF 10

flowerchild FUF 7

Dress : Michael Kors , Wreath band : Goa market

Photographed by : Minoo Singh
Styled & Edited by me

I tried to take a little editorial route this time. Hope you guys liked it. Pls do give me a feedback. Much appreciate.

Lots of Love
Shonima Kaul

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