Style Shots – Ear Candy!!

As you all know I have been looking for Ear cuffs for a very long time now. Recently when a friend told me that Forever 21 has some really cool bling that’s come in, I couldn’t help but make a trip to the store and picked up these gorgeous ones.
So they do not sell ear cuffs in pairs, it’s just a single piece of jewelry meant to be worn in just one ear which honestly I wasn’t aware of. I found it a little odd but then decided to wear my hair on one side so the other side could be hidden.. I am still not very comfortable wearing this bling on one side but after a little research found out that many prefer it that way so I was like Whatever!!
What do you guys think.. Should this funky piece be sold in a pair?? Fashion Dilemma !!
Anyway a couple of shots I took before going for a wedding and thought of sharing my newest piece of accessory with you.. Also never done Indian on the blog before. Hope u all like :-)

Ear cuffs : Forever 21

Have a great day


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